Drop Test HTC One 2014 With HTC One 2013

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The HTC One M8 was recently announced by the Taiwanese manufacturer and it seems to be a good improvement upon its predecessor, the HTC One M7. When the M7 was released, many people loved the strong metal housing which gave the phone a premium look, and while improving an already loved phone is a difficult task, HTC has done it once again. The newly announced HTC One 2014 comes with 5.0-inch Full HD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad core processor, 2GB RAM and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The device surely packs a punch, comes with the new Sense UI and looks stunning.

A drop test has been performed by a YouTube user, and in that drop test, the user has compared the HTC One M8 with the HTC One M7 which is a worthy competitor to the latest offering.

HTC One M8 vs HTC One M7 drop test

From a real world point of view, there’s not much value associated with drop tests, but many people still don’t want to miss it just for the sole purpose of seeing the latest shiny device thrown to the floor. Smashing and dropping these new devices are always a pleasure to watch, because sometimes it gives an idea as to what kind of damage the phone can suffer.

The guys at TechSmartt performed drop tests from a variety of different heights and angles. At first the device was thrown from pocket height and none of the device suffered any damage beyond some minor scratches. But then both the devices were dropped from head height, and even though both the devices were still functional, the front suffered from some severe scratches.

The test results at the end are particularly interesting, but we won’t like to spoil the surprise. So go ahead and watch the video yourself and find out who wins the war!

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