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Dr. Robert Cialdini Pre-Suasion Discussion With Slideshow

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Dr. Robert Cialdini discusses Pre-Suasion and answers some viewers insightful questions. This was turned into a slideshow because the original quality of the facebook live video was poor but the content is still excellent.

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Dr. Robert Cialdini Pre-Suasion Discussion With Slideshow


Well thank you kindly and thank you folks for tuning in as many of you may know in my book Influence. I reviewed evidence for the six universal principles of influence that I claimed any communicator should put into a message to increase its effectiveness. Those were the principles of reciprocation of liking of social proof authority consistency and scarcity. And I have to say I've been satisfied with the reception that that book has gotten. Selling more copies I could have sensibly imagined when I first wrote it. I've been sort of proud of the book. And one indication of that was that when I first wrote the book about 90 percent of the people who who spoke to me about it didn't pronounce my name correctly. Now 90 percent do pronounce my name correctly. I feel very good about that.

And satisfied with the effect that the content of the book has had on the way people think about the influence says but then something happened not long ago to make me think that I shouldn't be so satisfied you know a lot of people have asked me where were you and why did you decide to write Treece suasion. What. What spurred you to do it. Well the answer to that question has to do with this event that caused me to be less proud of the extent to which the book's influence covered the water front. When it comes to social persuasion and less satisfied with the content of that book. Here's what happened. I was at home. It was a Saturday and there was a knock on the door. I answered it to see a man standing there who was asking me to contribute to a cause. It was a good cause. After school programming for children in my school district and he didn't use any of the six principles of influence to get me to give him a contribution. He didn't use authority. He didn't show me any evidence that he was associated with the school district. He didn't have any credentials. He didn't tell me all your neighbors have already contributed to this is that he didn't use social proof. He didn't use scarcity and say we have to do this within a particular period of time in order to get this program instituted for the next semester. He didn't do any of that.

But I gave him more money than I normally get.

Two solicitors for charitable causes who come to my door and I remember closing the door. He leaned back against it and saying what just happened here.

All of my principles are right where we used but he did something that got me to give him more money than I normally do. And upon reflection I think I know the answer.

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