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Nintendo has taken the world by storm with its augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, the blockbuster game is available only in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Gamers in other parts of the world can’t keep quiet while all the social networks and news sites are flooded with how amazing Pokemon Go is. There must be some way to download and play it right away. In fact, there are ways to download and install the game, no matter where you live.

Download Pokemon Go on Android and iOS

One easy way is to download the game’s APK file on your Android device, go to Settings and allow for the installation from unknown sources, and install it. But downloading something from unknown sources may pose security risks. To download and install Pokemon Go securely, you have to gain access to the US, Australian or New Zealand version of Google Play Store or App Store. Here’s how to do that.


  • Go to Settings, then to the accounts menu, and select the option to add a new Google account.
  • Sign up with a Gmail address. Make sure that it is not your main account. Add the new account to your device
  • Open your computer and visit for the same account. Preferably, go Incognito before visiting this link.
  • When prompted to select a country, choose the US. You’ll be required to enter a zip code. Google could be helpful here.
  • Go back to your smartphone/tablet. Download and install a VPN app (there are many in the Play Store) that has a server located in the US.
  • Connect to the US VPN server.
  • Go to the Play Store, switch to the Gmail account you just created.
  • Now download & install the Pokemon Go app.
  • Disconnect from the VPN server. That’s it!


  • If you live outside the US, Australia, or New Zealand, log out of your Apple ID
  • Go to Settings > General > Language & Region. Set your region as Australia, New Zealand or the US.
  • Open up the App Store and search for Pokemon Go
  • If the game doesn’t appear in search results, select a free app to download and then “Create a new Apple ID.”
  • While creating an Apple ID, select “None” in the billing section and add an American, Australian or New Zealand address. Here you may want to use Google to find an address
  • Download and install Pokemon Go on your device
  • Once the game is released in your country, you may sign in with your original Apple ID. You may have to reinstall the app, though.


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