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Download iOS 10 Wallpapers For iPhone And iPad

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Yesterday Apple released a developer Beta of iOS 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra with lots of new features for Apple fans to get stuck into. However, like with most things, there’s a good chance that you may come across some bugs in the early Beta, so it may be best to wait until July for the public Beta to be released. In the meantime, if you have to you can still copy the iOS 10 and Mac OS 10.12 look by using the new mountain scene and ocean wave wallpapers.

iOS 10 and Mac OS Look

If you are a Mac user, MacOS 10.12 does not do away with the trend you are used to seeing, it continues what Yosemite started and EL Capitan continued with a sun soaked mountain scene. To me, these look like the Madre mountains in California however, I’m not from California so that’s a bit of a guess.

According to Wikipedia:

The Sierra Madre Mountains are a mountain range primarily in northern Santa Barbara County and extending into northwestern Ventura County in Southern California, western United States. It is a range of the Inner South Coast Ranges group and is the southernmost reach of the California Coast Ranges, which are themselves part of the Pacific Coast Ranges of western North America.

Here’s a wallpaper from mac OS, its actual size should be 5120×3200.

Download iOS 10 Wallpapers For iPhone And iPad
And just as a point of interest, here’s the new Siri icon from macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Download iOS 10 Wallpapers For iPhone And iPad

iOS 10 Wallpapers

Taking wallpapers from iOS 10 is not as easy as browsing for something through a file system, Apple did not make it that simple! However, users of Reddit have already pulled their fingers out and offered some options for making use of the new wave wallpaper from iOS 10.

Download iOS 10 Wallpapers For iPhone And iPad

Obviously, for this page, the new wave wallpaper above have been shrunk to fit however its real size is 2048×2048 when you open it fully. If you have access to a better quality copy, please feel free to share it with other readers. Oh and there’s also a version of this wallpaper for the iPhone, just in case the iPad copy does not scale down well.

Download iOS 10 Wallpapers For iPhone And iPad

It is likely that we will see a lot more new wallpapers come out via iOS 10 on the last beta prior to its full release this fall. And there’s also a good chance that mac OS 10.12 may see a couple of new wallpapers by then too.

Source: 9to5mac.com

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