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UPDATE 17-10-2017: With the Pixel 2 being eagerly anticipated by millions of consumers, the latest Google Pixel 2 wallpaper news will be of interest to many smartphone fans. The live wallpapers feature that the Pixel 2 delivers was a significant focus of the October 4 announcement event for the mobile, and many Android users are eagerly awaiting updates on this matter.

Developer update

And now a developer, Pranav Pandey, has made new Pixel 2 wallpaper available to any users running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above. This latest update to the portfolio of features on the Pixel 2 will certainly be welcome among the many consumers that have already pre-ordered the Google handset.

The manufacturer already introduced Live Earth wallpapers last year, with this technology having the ability to evolve with a home screen to deliver added depth. But the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper advances on this concept by delivering an increased number of moving and interactive parts.

One of the notable examples of new Live Earth wallpapers that will appear on the smartphone features Lagos, Portugal. This dynamic example of the new innovation sees waves crashing into the rocky shore of the beach. Another intriguing concept sees hot air balloons fly over the notable Monument Valley in Utah.

Other visual effects

But the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper is not limited to geographical features and areas of great natural beauty. Visual effects are also delivered with regularity, as the developer attempts to provide some visually attractive wallpaper concepts.

Thus, Glitter has the potential to brighten up when you touch your home screen, while others remould and reshape themselves based on your taps and swipes. In order to add a little realism, Google has even made a wallpaper available that provides real-time views of both Mars and the earth’s moon.

Google Pixel 2 wallpapers

With Google having introduced this pleasing visual feature that is sure to find favor with many Android users, Apple and Samsung will no doubt be taking notes. It has already been observed that many features from the Pixel 2 have been ported over to other phones, with the effort that Google has made with its latest mobile having been hugely appreciated.

Among these is another type of Google Pixel 2 wallpaper. Several static wallpapers had been made available to download prior to the emergence of these latest live wallpapers, and the Pixel 2 camera application has also seen its public release now as well. The interesting thing about the live wallpapers is that they deliver an experience to more affordable smartphones that is rather similar to the Google Pixel 2 experience.

New categories of wallpapers launched via the live wallpaper feature comprise Keep Looking, Underwater, and Rainy Day. The first of these is made up of nine especially colourful wallpapers that are particularly eye-catching. These include scenes of spilling coffee cups, a room full of cubes, and a soccer pitch.

As the name would suggest, the Underwater collection deals with aquatic settings. Breathtaking coral and marine worlds really come into life with the wallpapers in this category.

Meanwhile, the Rainy Day section was prominently featured in advertising of the Google Pixel 2, with some reviewers having received a copy of some of the wallpapers from this category well ahead of the release of the smartphone. Most notably, this feature is a rain effect which creates a convincing impression that water is collecting on the screen of the smartphone.

Compatibility solved

With the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper feature having caused compatibility problems previously, a new workaround published on the popular XDA forums has seemingly solved the issue. This has made it possible for all users to sideload the wallpapers, and opened up this interesting technology to a wider audience.

In order to install the live wallpapers, it is first necessary to download the Google Wallpapers app from the Play Store. You can use the link here to download the modified Google Pixel 2 wallpaper file, and soon you will be benefiting from the designs on your smartphone, even if the Pixel 2 itself has yet to emerge.

pixel 2 wallpapers

Once the modified app has been installed, it is finally necessary to long-press the home screen of your device, select Wallpapers, and then choose one of the new Pixel 2 wallpapers. Already there have been tens of thousands of downloads, and there’s no doubt that this will be an extremely popular feature in the coming weeks.

eSIM update

Another feature that has been updated recently is the eSIM (which stands for embedded SIM) which was an interesting aspect of the recent Google Pixel 2 unveiling. Google has uploaded the eSIM Manager Application to the Play Store, meaning that Google Pixel 2 users will benefit when the smartphone finally goes live in a couple of days’ time.

At the moment, this software is not hugely feature-packed, existing of a carrier page displaying the services currently enabled on the device. But the app enables users to remove all carriers from the device without canceling the mobile service plans associated with them. According to Google, the eSIM Manager is “only available on select Android devices,” so the compatibility of this feature remains to be seen.

Ambient music

Another new feature of the Google Pixel 2 which was promoted when the smartphone was unveiled is its ambient music recognition technology. The handset has the intrinsic ability to identify almost any song, and without requiring to communicate with an external server. And a major Google Pixel 2 developer recently made available the over 17,000 songs that the smartphone will currently recognised.

However, there is some debate over this subject, as Google has contacted publications to indicate that the 17,000 figure is rather misleading. In reality, this feature is capable of recognizing tens of thousands of songs, so the proof will be in the pudding when the Google Pixel 2 hits the stores in the next few days.

This article will help you download the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper.

We are counting down the hours before Google’s great press event where it will unveil the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. The hype is real, especially because Google have had a lot of leaks during the weeks since the event was announced. There were various speculations about the phone’s design. However, most doubts were swept away (we hope) with yesterday’s images that flooded the web, which include Google’s Pixel 2 official wallpaper.

Download Google Pixel 2 Wallpaper

As mentioned before, Google will host its vast press event tomorrow in San Francisco at SFJAZZ Center, the same location Google used last year for its press event. The event will start at 12 p.m. That’s when Google will feature the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Also, Google will feature a new Chromebook, some smart home gadgets, and the new Google Home speaker.

The recent leak published by leaker Evan Blass features pictures of Google Pixel 2 XL as viewed from the front. Given that Evan Blass is one of the most accurate leakers, it is likely that the rumors of Google going for the bezel-less screen for its flagship phone – just like Apple’s iPhone X – are true.

The image featured the Pixel 2 XL from the front with and without a case. In both images, we can see the minimal black bezel of the phone. In fact, the display is similarly designed to the one found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its main traits were the rounded corners and barely visible bezels. It is this futuristic design that the Google Pixel 2 XL resembles.

Aside from its frontal design, the images unveil the Google Pixel 2 official wallpaper. Google have reworked the image and changed the resolution. In fact, it is available on the internet for download. All you need to do to be ready for tomorrow’s event and launch of Google Pixel 2 phones is to download the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper, and here’s how.

Google have edited the image and upscaled it to support Pixel 2 XL’s QHD+ resolution. The resolution of the picture is 1440 x 2880 pixels. Although the aspect ratio is taller than average at 18:9, it should fit nicely on your phone. You can find it, as expected, on Google Drive.

The image we have featured is just a preview image. If you are looking for the picture in its 1440 x 2880 resolution, download the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper through the Google Drive link. What do you think about the wallpaper? Please leave a comment!

Source: Google Drive

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