Donald Trump will be good for economy But bad for Wall Street: David Rosenberg

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Donald Trump will be good for economy, bad for Wall Street: David Rosenberg

Published on May 25, 2016

Live from the 2016 Strategic Investment Conference

Get the latest updates live from the sold-out 2016 Strategic Investment Conference with John Mauldin, Richard W. Fisher, David Rosenberg, James Grant, Niall Ferguson, George Friedman, Pippa Malmgren, Charles Gave, Neil Howe, and many more. Click go to following link to visit the conference’s live blog:

Some highlights

Hello, everyone who has joined us on the second day of SIC 2016. It’s going to be a long and exciting day. Today, we’ll hear speeches from George Friedman, Lacy Hunt, David Rosenberg, and other well-known financial and political experts. We’ll also do video interviews with each speaker, and all of them will be posted here. So stay tuned!

Donald Trump talks about reversing globalization. “Too late,” says Dave Rosenberg.

Others disagree

If Trumps gets elected, Jared thinks we’ll see a lot of rate hikes, as Yellen would know she’s out of office in 2018… and her actions wouldn’t be constrained by politics. – Zervos says the Trump–Clinton choice is a choice between high volatility and low volatility. Yellen’s term as Fed chair ends in 2018. Trump will appoint someone very different if he gets the chance. This makes long-term forecasting hard right now.

Video below and more at this link

David Rosenberg talks Trump! Watch the interview and see what he has to say.

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