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What Is DJI Spark? This Infographic Tells Everything About It

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DJI Mavic Pro was small enough for many drone fans, but the diminutive palm-sized Spark is beyond the imagination. As a camera drone, DJI Spark is great for both beginners and professionals.

With DJI’s signature technologies, you can control Spark with hand gestures, which is especially convenient when taking selfies. You can launch the Spark from your hand quickly, and Spark will follow your hand movements. But, if you want to control it with a remote controller, you can buy the Spark Fly More Combo version which the RC will be included, or you can buy the remote controller separately.

There is so many information including reviews and videos on the Internet after Spark was released, while in this article, we will show you a vivid and intuitive DJI Spark Infographic which will answer the following questions:

  • What is DJI Spark?
  • What are the distinguishing features of DJI Spark?
  • How is the camera performance? Can DJI Spark shoot 4K UHD?
  • How fast can Spark fly?
  • How far can it fly? Will I lose it easily?
  • How about the battery performance? How long does it last?
  • Is the DJI Spark worth the price compared to other drones?
  • And more.

DJI Spark Review

There are some downsides about DJI Spark, and the biggest one is that it features a 2-axis gimbal, so the video footage especially the yaw viewing is not stabilized. You may need to stabilize the video footage in the post production with some video editing software.

How to win a DJI Spark free?

To win a DJI Spark, visit the contest page, tell the editor your thoughts about DJI Spark, share the contest page to your Facebook with the hashtag #windjisparkfree, and remember to @filmoravideoeditor.

This contest continues until July 28, 2017, and anyone who shares the contest page on Facebook and gets 10+ Likes will have a chance to win a DJI Spark. The winner will be selected at random and the result will be announced on August 4. Join in NOW!

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