Analysts have reacted with surprise to the claims, citing other industry insiders who have seen no reason to predict the impending release of the new MacBook model.

Out on their own

The website is definitely going against the grain with these rumors. Two days previously, Re/code cited Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) sources as saying that the product would not be shown at Thursday’s event.

Digitimes also finds itself contradicting the word of famous Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo, who used a recent report to inform his readers that neither the Retina MacBook Air, nor any other Intel Broadwell-based MacBook laptops, would make an appearance during the show.

Apple Retina MacBook Air’s rumored specifications

According to early rumors, the new model will employ a power-efficient Broadwell processor, which will remove the need for a fan, as well as losing the clickable trackpad.

Other recent rumors have mentioned a slimmer form, with thinner bezels giving the new machine exterior dimensions similar to that of the existing 11-inch MacBook Air.

However much they disagree on the unveiling of the new model, analysts have expressed their agreement with DigiTimes assertion that Apple will revamp its logo, using “laser cutting and unique embedded technologies to make the logo 3D-like and shine at the edges.” The new logo is predicted to be implemented on all Apple products from 2015.

Other rumors include the possible addition of a reversible Type C USB port, as well as the removal of the MagSafe connector.

Digitmes has a history of erroneous speculation on matters concerning Apple, and as such we shouldn’t hold our collective breath for any announcement of a 12-inch Retina MacBook Pro at tomorrow’s event.