The Secret Power Of Cryptocurrencies

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Dentists get their own crypto – meet dentacoin

As cryptocurrency use continues to rise across the globe, one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency itself has been missed. While everyone is busy trying to figure out how to make money from cryptocurrency, these digital currencies are just minding their own business, doing their thing, and creating a lot of opportunity.

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Throughout history there have been a number of events that lead experts to believe that cryptocurrency is much more than it seems. Money has always equated to power. And that power has been handed down throughout history. But the “money” was determined by those in power and thrust upon those with lesser power, perpetuating class cycles for ages. And when those in charge are upset, they take it out on everyone.

In 2008, when e-gold made its way into the public eye as a form of alternative currency, the US government took it upon themselves to put the creators out of business by charging them with using unlicensed money. The trick to taking the power from the government then, is not in trying to go it alone, but when the head of the snake gets cut off, two more should pop out and keep the “industry” going. The Blockchain that allows these transactions also ensure anonymity of some coin transactions, making it even harder for those in power to shut them down.

What this means then is that the important feature of cryptocurrencies, like Dentacoin who will launch an ICO in October for its industry-specific cryptocurrency to drive change in the dental industry, is the ability to create currency and distribute it without a central power having their way with it. And companies like Dentacoin are giving the power back to the people through their coin distribution systems.

The problem that plagues the cryptocurrency markets then is in how to get that power to the people. Distribution methods are constantly changing and being altered so that the maximum amount of people can gain access to these unregulated currencies. Instead of handing out the money in a top-down fashion, companies like Dentacoin are distributing their coins to everyone at the same time, giving as many people as possible access to that coinage from the very beginning. By encouraging consumers to engage with and use these cryptocurrencies, companies like Dentacoin benefit from the offshoot - rather than keeping the currency and giving it away as they see fit.

What this means for the economic landscape then is that the people will have the power. For the first time in our world’s history, the economic power is shifting toward the masses. Giving people access to unregulated financial opportunities means that they make their own way in the world, set their own standards of living, and create uneasy feelings of insecurity for their government. But isn’t that what every great revolution of our time has done? And the people prospered because of it. Sure, it’s scary and there are lots of unknowns, but it’s worth going down the road to see just how much power people can have when they are giving the chance to create their own money, opportunities, and access to vital services like healthcare and dentistry.

Article by Dentacoin Foundation