How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Business?

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The world is changing everyday. Artificial Intelligence is something we are using and experiencing everyday without even realizing it. Cortana, Siri, Google’s  Deep Mind, You Tube, Instagram, online shops, and social networks – all of them collect and use precious information about your decisions, which helps to find out your preferences and shows the advertisers what works for you. Business will be forever changed.

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Where does this lead us? Where will business be in five years? How fast will A.I. penetrate our everyday lives? Experts have a particular opinion on this case. The development of A.I. during the next few years is of particular interest to business experts and technology leaders.

We are only starting to collaborate with artificial intelligence. The gift of using data for a prognostics can influence the following fields: business executives and sales, marketing, and customer experience. Its use in the academic world is inevitable as well and can also be used in medicine, biology, engineering, and technologies, and logistics. For example, collecting data about the decrease in a district during the last 20 - 50 years makes it possible to predict the number of illnesses during the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Changes in the Job Industry

Let’s take a closer look at artificial intelligence. It’s a combination of computation linguistics and computer science which produces formalization of actions and decisions generated by humans. It is an intelligence created by computers. How developed is it today and how can it be applied in modern business?

Deep Mind

When talking about AI, it is inevitable to mention the leader in the field, a Google powered research company Deep Mind. The team of the smartest scientists and researchers are working together to develop the augmented era and apply it in our lives in a positive way. For example, Deep Mind is finding solutions how to reduce the consumption of energy in Google Data centers. The findings have already helped save about 40%. Together with the UK’s National Health Service, they develop systems that deliver better care for millions of people.

Generative design tools

Today AI like Deep Mind can solve multiple tasks. Siri is just an instrument that does what we tell it to do. The role of artificial intelligence is for it to learn without human interaction. It is how generative design tools came to be. Generative design comes up with the best option for the design of a single pattern. It generates millions of options to find the best solution without human interaction. Here is an example of an aerodynamically efficient drone, which form resembles a flying squirrel.

Generative design is used by Airbus to generate lighter parts of the aircraft and print it on 3D printers. This helps engineers in the future to come up with better and lighter aerodynamic ideas. It influences not only the job industry but also the lives of many others. Another good example is a 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam, which will also be printed by a computer driven by AI and certain algorithms.

Benefits of AI in Business

When thinking about all the benefits of artificial intelligence, it is reasonable to say that they are mind-blowing. It starts with the advertisement, which you view in your feed and ends with rights for computers. The era of automation is happening now, and the more computers learn on their own, the more people are replaced in the workforce. According to the latest research, almost half of all jobs in the US can be potentially replaced by machines.

Integration and Consolidation of Business Operations

Automation is developing so fast that there is a company in San Francisco that has replaced its middle management positions with software that decides on its own which parts of projects can be automated and which ones require humans. It also helps to assemble a team of freelancers by delegating tasks and controlling the quality of their work. While freelancers are working, the software is learning. It sounds amazing and scary at the same time.

How does AI influence customers?

Alastair Cole is using various systems and findings to advance predicting in real-time. The technology collects data from the parties and uses it to shed light on what customers are expecting from the company. It is a customer experience branch of business. For that reason, IBM has created something amazing called Watson. It is a system that analyzes client needs and generates data which is used for more efficient business decisions. AI can be experienced by all of us in social networks when we see the advertising we want to see.

Enterprise Mobility

The new trend of working remotely or with a mobile device is developing very fast. It is evidence of how daily duties of developers are simplified. Most are busy generating code and doing something in a background like chatting, moving through the office, or traveling the world. There are a lot of work gaps to be filled. A developer can do whatever they want while the system is operating on its own. The new format of business relations is coming.

AI = Efficiency + Precision at lower cost

There are other benefits in marketing, financial services, health, education, work and other branches. Watson powered by IBM is working hard to fulfill all the innovative gaps connected with AI and  efficiency in growing. For example, General Motors, which employed 800,000 employees in 1979 and earned 11 billion USD while Google aided by Deep Mind type products earned $14 billion with 58,000 workers.

Cyber Security

As mentioned before, with the development of AI, all the other spheres are also developing. This means that we have to be attentive to what the machines are learning. Information is a powerful weapon, which can be used for good and for bad. Should humanity be scared of cyber development? Does the risk of being harmed by artificial intelligence exist, or can everything can be controlled by humans? How fast will computers replace us in our daily lives?

How important is artificial intelligence development to you? Are you ready to learn more about it? Please leave your comments and thoughts here. AI is widely used in social networks. Does the collection of your data bother you? What information in social networks would you share and which would not stay both private and social?


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