Would ‘Declare’ A Twitter War On ISIS And Win It: Trump

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The terrorist group ISIS uses Twitter a lot for hiring and recruitment purposes and also for posting threats. Making this an agenda for his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made a formal announcement on Tuesday that he would go to war with ISIS on Twitter and defeat the group with his “brutal and relentless” attacks if he is elected as president.

Trump gives a taste of his Twitter campaign

Clearly, the billionaire’s announcement is an effort to boost his foreign policy credentials. He told Fox News that if he gets an opportunity to serve the nation as president, he will target top ISIS leaders with his tweets. Trump further said his tweets will be the most vicious ones “the world has ever known.”

Trump also gave a few examples of the kind of tweets he will make to target ISIS leaders as part of his proposed Twitter campaign. In one sample tweet, he said; “ISIS is a total joke. Has zero chance of winning. Zero!” Another reads, “ISIS leaders live in tents. Trump has TEN BILLION DOLLARS. Kicks their ass!” Mocking the ISIS leaders in another tweet, he says, “Never see ISIS leaders with models. Why? Cannot get models. Models love Trump!”

Trump slams President Obama

Targeting current President Obama, he said that during his tenure, ISIS has been able to “maraud and rampage with impunity.” Discussing his plans regarding what all he would do if he becomes president, the real estate mogul said a lot of his time is currently allotted to journalists, politicians and others, and on becoming president, a part of this time will be spared for Twitter, where he would vent all his pent-up frustration against ISIS leaders. “Of all the people running for President, I have by far the most Twitter-war experience,” he boasted. “I will declare an all-out Twitter war on ISIS, and I will win.”

Trump has been a former reality show star and has targeted President Obama with his harsh words before. Previously, he attacked Obama saying that while he has a Twitter account with more than 3 million followers, he could never muster the courage to call Russian President Vladimir Putin a loser.

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