Get More Money For Your iPhone With These Cool Tools

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If you plan to buy the new iPhone 8 / iPhone X you probably want to sell your old iPhone – but how can you tell how much it’s worth so you know you’re getting a good deal? With

Flipsy offers a suite of free tools you can use find the value of your iPhone, including:

  • Trade-in price comparisons, which show you which stores pay the most for used iPhones
  • Private market values, “blue book” iPhone values based on real sales statistics. Use these to set pricing on Craigslist, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace
  • Pricing tends – see if the value of your iPhone is going up or down so you can sell at the right time
  • Price lock information – beat price drops caused by supply and demand by “selling” your iPhone now, yet keep it until you buy the new model
  • Local buyer research – skip the shipping by discovering local stores that buy old iPhones

You can use these tools to gain a better understanding of the market for used iPhones, find the highest-paying buyers, and make an educated decision about where and when to sell your phone to get the most cash.

Price locks can be particularly valuable, especially since old iPhone models can lose as much as 15 to 20 percent of their values in the weeks preceding a new flagship launch.

In addition, trade-in companies pay an average of 30 percent more for iPhones than wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T. Trade-in companies also pay in cash, while carriers typically pay in store credit.

With so many buyers vying for your old iPhone, getting the most money can be confusing. Flipsy gives you the insight you need to find the highest payouts fast and easy.

It’s completely free to use, too, so it literally pays to do your research before you sell. You can research values for your iPhone model here.

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