Deadline To Claim Rebate Payments From These 2 States Is Just Days Away

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The COVID-19 pandemic may be over, but some states are still continuing to send monetary help to those in need. If you live in either of these two states – Delaware or Alabama – then you have less than a week to claim the rebate payments. The deadline to claim rebate payments from Delaware and Alabama is November 30 and December 1, respectively.

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Deadline To Claim Rebate Payments From Delaware

In April, Gov. John Carney signed legislation for the 2022 Delaware Relief Rebate Program. Eligible residents could get $300 in rebate payments. Delaware started sending the rebate payments out in May and has so far issued about 800,000 payments.

To qualify for the rebate, residents must have filed their 2020 and 2021 taxes on time. Also, taxpayers need to be above 18 years, have a valid Delaware ID, and started living in the state no later than Dec. 31, 2021.

It must be noted that the rebate payment is not automatic; rather, taxpayers need to apply for it. Those who believe they are eligible for the rebate payment need to visit this portal. They need to provide their social security number and other required tax and residency details to complete the application process.

Delaware residents have until November 30 at 11:59 p.m. to claim the rebate payment.

Reimbursement To Buy A New "Smart" Thermostat

Another deadline to claim rebate payments is for Alabama residents. This rebate payment doesn’t actually come from the state, but from a utility company, Alabama Power. The utility company is offering an incentive to residents to buy a new "smart" thermostat.

These new smart thermostats help in saving time and energy by optimizing cooling or heating when people need it the most. Moreover, users can easily control the new thermostats with their smartphones.

“Smart thermostats help you save energy, time, and money at home,” reads the Alabama Power website. “Smart thermostats learn your schedule and optimize your heating and cooling to run only when you need it.”

Alabama Power is offering up to $200 reimbursement to residents who buy this new smart thermostat for their homes before Dec. 1, 2022. The reimbursement, however, isn’t available to all buyers; rather, they need to meet certain requirements to be eligible for the rebate.

To qualify for the rebate, residents must be an active residential customer of Alabama Power; must have purchased the smart thermostat for their home after Jan. 1, 2022; must submit the proof of purchase by December 1; must live in a single-family or multi-family home (mobile homes do not qualify); and must be a homeowner or have the consent of the homeowner to install the thermostat.

Alabama Power will send the reimbursement in the form of a digital gift card sent via email. The reimbursement amount (maximum of $200) depends on the price that the buyer paid for the thermostat.