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Deadline for South Carolina Tax Rebate Past, But You Can Still Claim It

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South Carolina taxpayers had until November 1 to provide their updated information to the state authorities to get the $700 tax rebate. Although the November 1 deadline has passed, taxpayers can still furnish their information, if they haven’t already, to get the South Carolina tax rebate. However, the tax rebate for such taxpayers could be delayed a bit.

Deadline Over For South Carolina Tax Rebate

South Carolina residents had to file their tax return by the extended deadline of October 17 to qualify for the tax rebate. It must be noted that the October 17 is different from the November 1 deadline. The October 17 deadline was to file the tax return so as to qualify for the South Carolina tax rebate.

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On the other hand, the November 1 deadline was for those who had already filed their tax return, but whose banking information or mailing address had changed since they filed their 2021 South Carolina Individual Income Tax return.

Such taxpayers had until November 1 to provide their correct banking information or mailing address (submit SC5000) so as to get the tax rebate in a reasonable time.

Even if a taxpayer missed the November 1 deadline to submit SC5000, he or she can still do so. This is because the tax authorities still need their updated banking information or mailing address to send the rebate.

“If you missed the November 1 deadline, we still need your updated address, but your rebate may be delayed,” the Department of Revenue says.

So, those who missed the November 1 deadline can submit their updated information by logging in to MyDORWAY​ and click the More tab to update their name and address. Another way is by downloading form SC8822I​​ and emailing the completed form to [email protected]​.​

You Can Still Claim The Tax Rebate

South Carolina is currently in the process of issuing the tax rebate to those who filed their return by October 17. Apart from filing the tax rebate, taxpayers need to be a resident of South Carolina and have a tax liability for 2021 to be eligible for the tax rebate.

"When referring to this year's rebate, you are considered as having tax liability if you owe state Individual Income Tax for the year 2021,” the Department of Revenue says. “The amount of your tax liability is determined by the amount of Individual Income Tax you owe, minus any credits.”

Applicants can use the Department of Revenue website to estimate the amount of their rebate. The maximum rebate that a taxpayer can get is $700. Those who submitted their tax return by Oct. 17, 2022 will get the rebate by Dec. 31, 2022.

Those who missed the October 17 deadline can still get the rebate, but they will have to wait a bit longer.  Due to Hurricane Ian, the state has extended the deadline for filers to Feb. 15, 2023. However, those who file their return after October 17 but by February 15 will get the rebate in March 2023.