Best Way To Get Data Off A Failing Hard Drive

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Summary:  This blog explains what hard drive failure is and identifies the possible reasons for its failure. Further, it educates about the best Way to Get Data off a Failing Drive in all possible scenarios. Read on to know more.

Hard Drive is the most basic and integral part of any computer unit.  This primary storage hardware unit has a number of disks associated with it, each having its own memory reader as well as a writer head. Thereby, it is considered as a perfect option to salvage your data and maintain its integrity.

Data Recovery From A Hard Drive

Like all other devices, this indispensable unit has a limited shelf-life; however, it is still prone to damage or crash, regardless of the model and make of the hard drive which the user is using.

It may happen when you start your system to resume work on your PC and see a Blue screen of death. It can also happen when you start up your system, it starts producing some abrupt electrical fizzing sounds. These are some of the situations that users can encounter. There are more hard drive failures too. And, for this, a proper analysis is required.

Even in such situations, you may assume that your priceless photos and videos, business-critical documents, and other important files are lost forever, and may run to a state of despair; however, there is a reason to look up as they can still be recovered.

But, before we delve into the recovery aspect, let’s learn about what hard drive failure is and their possible reasons.

What is a Hard Drive Failure?

A Hard Drive fails –

  • when it does not operate in a normal manner
  • when the system fails to detect it
  • when it starts producing some electronic fizzing or tickling sound
  • when the user is unable to access it

Reasons for Hardware Failure with Possible Solutions

  1. Mechanical or Internal failure:

A state in which errors usually happens due to stoppage of spindle motor functioning, bad blocks and sectors, damaged PCB board, or immovable read/write head. Self-explanatory, these errors arise internally.

Common Symptoms:

  • Grinding or clicking sound
  • System freezes
  • Black screen whenever user boot your system
  • Invisible files and folders

Possible Reasons:

  • Virus attack
  • Rootkit virus which activates with start of the system
  • Degradation of moving parts

Common Solutions:

  • Periodically update your system
  • Keep running the antivirus program
  • Keep replacing the hard drive after every 3 to 4 years
  1. Corrupt Files

A state in which the error usually arises due to corrupt system files that have become corrupt or damaged.

Common Symptoms:

  • Cannot access the system
  • Unexpected shutdown

Possible Reasons:

  • Power Surges
  • Using Improper PC shut down method
  • Use of malicious applications
  • Unintentional closure of any running program

Common Solutions:

  • Follow proper method of system shut down
  • Close all running program properly before shutting down the system
  • Say no to installation of faulty applications
  1. Heat

A state which usually arises when the drive is being used either in improperly cooled computer system or an extremely hot environment.

Common Symptoms:

  • System gets heated up
  • System hardware producing a clicking sound
  • The fan either stops working or runs at a low speed

Possible Reasons:

  • CPU fan at a fault state
  • Improper ventilation

Common Solutions:

  • Ensure fan is working properly and peripherals and processor using adequate amount of cooling
  • Use thermal paste to ensure smooth functionality
  • Use Stellar SMART tool. It will share a detailed notification about present hard disk conditions as well as about future risks associated with it.
  1. Firmware Faults

These are manufacturer faults. It usually arises in the brand new unit.

Common Symptoms:

  • Untraceable hard disk
  • System hang in between booting process
  • System fails to boot at all

Possible Reasons:

  • These errors happened at manufacturer levels.

Common Solutions:

  • Connect with the manufacturer and enquire for RA (Return Authorization)
  • Using a partition recovery software is a wise choice to recover lost data stored on it as manufacturer neither assure any guarantee of data safety nor assist in recovering the same
  1. Power Surges

These are basically electronic failures.

Common Symptoms:

  • Unexpected startup failure
  • No spinning up of the hard drive
  • No detection of hard drive by System BIOS

Possible Reasons:

  • Insufficient power supply delivery
  • Interrupted power supply

Common Solutions:

  • Switch off your system when not in use
  • Ensure proper power supply delivery

Best practice is the use of professional data recovery tool. It will help you undelete your lost files easily without affecting its integrity

  1. Human Errors:

These are those errors that accidentally occur such as:

  • Faulty installation of OS
  • Intentional deletion
  • System registry settings modification
  • Alteration of system files location and attributes

These errors usually require a powerful and reliable professional data recovery software to undelete lost data.

Getting Data Back from Damaged, Corrupt, or Inaccessible Hard Drive

Hard Disk, the paperback book size unit is destined to fail. For this, you should have an appropriate restoration as well as backup plans ready. Whether the errors are created due to power surges, human error, or are generated due to firmware faults, they require an expert guidance. Here, usage of Professional Data Recovery Solution is the best bet. One such most the popular Data Recovery Software Tool is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional.  It helps you get data off a failing hard drive while helping in maintaining its integrity.

Brief Synopsis of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is a simple, quick, reliable, secure, and powerful Data Recovery Solution. This all-comprehensive solution is acknowledged for its improved tools sets and cutting-edge features. It is intended to recover almost everything, be it office documents, emails, folders, videos, music, photos, and much more. The overall functionality of this recovery software depends on its three simplified steps—Select, Scan, and Recover. It helps maintain data integrity in addition to performing data recovery.

Data Recovery From A Hard Drive

Why Choose Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional for Undelete Lost Data

Key traits that make this Data Recovery Software that a step ahead from its competitors which are as follows:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Support for multiple DPIs
  • Deep scan engine
  • Option to create image
  • Advanced Setting options
  • Scanned tree tabbed view
  • Support for Improved Preview and enhanced Unicode
  • Support to search specific folder and specific file types
  • Support for NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT and ExFat file systems
  • Option to simultaneous scan multiple files
  • Turn on/off Preview and Resume Recovery option
  • Detailed scanning progress with time report
  • Support for HD-MOV Raw Recovery in addition to full Raw Recovery option

The Bottom Line:

Undoubtedly, by now, you are acquainted with several reasons that leads to hard drive failure. Further, you have learnt the symptoms and best practices to recover the lost or deleted data. Thus, if you ever encounter a hard drive failure situation, look for the possible cause of your hard disk failure and choose the most appropriate option for recovery. You can also leverage the most popular Data Recovery software to get back your lost data without any hiccups. It is a 100% authorized data recovery tool.

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