Dash Announces Three New Partnerships

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Dash, the top digital currency for payment, has announced three new partnerships which will further expand Dash’s e-commerce capabilities while bolstering its position as the digital currency of choice for online payments.

The new partnerships include:

  • GoCoin- an early provider of digital currency payments processing, which will now allow users to pay for products and services on major sites including Cheapair.com, RE/MAX, and Movietickets.com

  • Strike Social- a leading social media advertising firm which helps brands, such as XBox, Coca Cola, and Netflix, optimize their ad spend on YouTube and other major social media platforms

  • Piiko- a cryptocurrency-powered prepaid phone provider which works with over 600 mobile operators around the world to provide users with streamlined payments services for their phone service

Dash Kicks Off 2018 With Three Business Partnerships, Teaming Up With Crypto Payments Processor GoCoin, Leading Adtech Firm Strike Social, and Mobile Recharge Provider Piiko

Integrations and partnerships flood in for the top digital currency for payments

New York, NY – January 18 – Dash, the top digital currency for payments, today announced partnerships with GoCoin, an e-commerce digital currency payments processor, Strike Social, a leading social media advertising optimization firm and Piiko, a cryptocurrency-powered prepaid phone company. The integration of Dash on GoCoin’s platform allows people to use Dash to pay products and services on popular mainstream websites like Cheapair.com, RE/MAX.com, Movietickets.com and Lionsgate.com. Dash’s partnership with Strike Social means clients looking to optimize their advertising spend on YouTube and other social media platforms can pay for the service in Dash. Strike Social supports clients like XBox, Coca-Cola, and Netflix, and is 17th on Inc. 500’s fastest growing private companies in the United States. Piiko, based in Dubai, will now enable Dash top-ups to people using prepaid mobile phones.

CEO of Dash Core Ryan Taylor said, “We are honored to be working with these three great companies, each with their own increasingly important use case. For starters, GoCoin is already a leader in providing merchant services for digital currency, so we believe they’ll make a great partner in helping spread merchant adoption of Dash. They make accepting digital currency easy, with plug-ins, integrations, and APIs for most major shopping carts from WooCommerce to Shopify. GoCoin provides great service and takes care of everything so that the merchant simply receives a deposit to their bank account for a low 1% fee. Best of all, there are no chargebacks or fraud, which makes GoCoin especially valuable for high-chargeback industries like nutraceuticals, online travel, or dating services among others. We couldn’t be more excited about this addition to the Dash ecosystem.”

GoGoin CEO Margot Ritcher er said, “GoCoin was an early pioneer in altcoin payments. We realized early that it was going to be a multi-chain, multi-token world and designed our systems from the ground up to accommodate new coins as they emerged. We are working with Dash because we have a high degree of confidence in the Dash team and are fans of the mining reward formula to support not just the miners, but also the healthy ecosystem of service providers. We look at Dash as one of the best and upcoming transactional coins. We have processed over five million transactions with 500 merchants, and we are excited to announce that people can now buy flights, movie tickets and houses, amongst many other products and services, using Dash.”

Dash’s work with Chicago-based Strike Social is expected to enhance the reach of Dash as an alternative form of payment, particularly for big brands during social media advertising campaigns. Strike Social uses a unique application of artificial intelligence to enhance online advertising, and is now the world’s largest YouTube ad optimization firm and partner in paid social media management for over 500 agencies and brands.

Patrick McKenna, Strike Social’s Chairman and co-founder said, “It’s hard to express how labor intensive, painstaking and expensive it is for companies to operate across borders in fiat currencies. The cost to manage a global operation in your own accounting and finance departments is tough, and in most cases, you have to hire local tax specialists in each country to help you stay in compliance with laws to keep banking. Adding Dash as a payment gets us the rest of the world, and with their negligible transaction fees, it’s a homerun for us and our customers.

The global digital ad spend is expected to hit $269 billion next year, reaching a total of $335 billion by 2020.

“We’ll take the whole thing in Dash if we have to,” McKenna added.

Dash’s partnership with Piiko allows users to top-up and pay for mobile phones using Dash. Piiko, which works with over 600 mobile operators across 137 countries, will make it easier for people to pay for their mobile phone without requiring fiat, bank accounts or credit cards, particularly valuable for people living in struggling economies. Bitcoin’s network congestion is becoming increasingly slow and cost prohibitive. Dash’s integration, using BlockCypher’s infrastructure, will provide people around the world a faster and more secure alternative to pay for their mobile phones.

Taylor said, “When you look at the profile for prepaid mobile users, they tend to lack access to credit or reside in countries where incomes are low. In either case, these are the customers for whom credit or debit card fee avoidance can make a real difference. I anticipate Dash will be an extremely popular option on the Piiko service because of Dash’s low fees and fast transaction times. The service also makes it much easier for income earners living abroad to make payments to support their families back home, and ensure they can maintain communication with their family members. Lastly, Piiko makes it easy for travelers to top up their services from anywhere, either to pay for temporary services while traveling, or for their mobile services back home.”

Piiko founder Sergey Yusupov said, “Top-ups through Piiko bypass the typical 3-5% fees that are charged to the consumer when using similar services powered by credit cards. Best of all, Piiko is safe, reliable, and the users needn’t risk identity theft like they would when using a credit card. We are very excited to integrate Dash as a form of payment for our growing number of customers.”

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