How to Buy Green Bitcoin – 2024 Buying Guide

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Bitcoin has seen immense growth in the early stages of 2024, with seemingly nothing stopping it going on to reach new highs.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC), however, is a new crypto project which is angled as an eco-friendly alternative to Bitcoin. This guide will review the project’s features, highlight the presale, and how to buy $GBTC in a series of simple steps.

How to buy Green Bitcoin (GBTC) – Step-by-step guide

Outlined below are five simple steps to buying Green Bitcoin. Due to the project being decentralized, we strongly recommend that you do your own research and assess your own risk appetite before investing.

Step 1: Create a new crypto wallet

The first step to participating in crypto presales is to own a compatible crypto wallet. Our analysts recommend using MetaMask or BestWallet, but there is a range of ERC20 compatible crypto wallets that you can use. In this instance, we are using Metamask.

To create a new crypto wallet, visit the official MetaMask website. You can then select a version of MetaMask depending on whether you are using a browser or a mobile phone.

A screenshot of the 'download' option on the Metamask website

In this example, we are using the Google Chrome version of MetaMask. Select the download for Chrome button and add the MetaMask extension to your browser.

When first opening the extension, you will be asked to create a new wallet.

A screenshot of the 'create new wallet' stage on the Metamask website

Step 2: Set a password and securely store your seed phrase

Next, MetaMask will ask you to set a password. This will be unique to your MetaMask account.

A screenshot of the 'create new wallet' stage on the Metamask website

After setting the password, you’ll be given the seed phrase, which is the 12-word master unlock to your wallet. This should be written down in two places and securely stored somewhere that doesn’t connect to the internet.

Writing it in a journal is the best method, but make sure to create a backup copy.

The seed phrase should not be shared with anybody as it enables full access to your wallet.

Step 3: Fund your newly created crypto wallet

To participate in the best crypto presales, you will need to fund your crypto wallet with Ethereum (ETH) in order to initiate the swap.

$GBTC can also be purchased using Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB), or via card payment, which requires you to answer a questionnaire to determine your level of investment knowledge. In all instances, you will need a compatible crypto wallet to receive your $GBTC tokens.

In this instance, we will be using Ethereum. Our analysts recommend buying Ethereum from a reliable exchange such as Coinbase or OKX.

When making the purchase you will be asked to enter a receiving destination for your cryptocurrency. You should copy and paste your MetaMask wallet address which will start with 0x followed by 40 alphanumeric characters.

Step 4: Visit the official presale site and connect wallet

Once the ETH appears in your MetaMask wallet, the next step to buy $GBTC is to visit the official Green Bitcoin website.

At the exchange window, you will see an option to “connect wallet”. Click it, select MetaMask, and select confirm once you see the connection request appear on the screen.

A screenshot of the Metamask connection request on the Green Bitcoin website - a key step in our guide on how to buy Green Bitcoin

Step 5: Swap ETH for $GBTC

Now that your wallet is connected, you can proceed to enter the amount of ETH you wish to exchange for $GBTC.

You will be prompted to leave 0.015 $ETH to cover gas fees for the transaction. Remember that you will also need $ETH to pay the gas fees when claiming the tokens at launch.

Click “Buy Now” and a transaction authorization will pop up. Confirm it, and this will initiate the swap.

You can also select the “Buy and Stake” option which, according to Green Bitcoin, gives over 100% annual staking rewards. However, due to the smart contract interaction, you may need up to $100 worth of Ethereum to process this transaction.

There is some benefit to staking as you will need to wait until launch to claim your $GBTC. By staking, you will passively earn over 100% APY in $GBTC while waiting for the token claim and launch date.

Green Bitcoin key facts and figures

  • The Green Bitcoin presale has managed to raise over $4 Million so far
  • Presale participants can stake $GBTC immediately when purchasing
  • $GBTC is expected to be listed on top-tier centralized and decentralized exchanges post-launch
  • Participating in the presale will give priority access to the predict-to-earn and “gamified green staking” features
  • Green Bitcoin tokens can be staked immediately for over 100% annual rewards
  • You can buy $GBTC by swapping ETH, USDT, BNB, or via card payment (which requires KYC).

Green Bitcoin Roadmap

Stage 1 Presale launch: The project kicked off its presale launch campaign with an early-stage discount price to fund the initial marketing and tech development costs
Stage 2 Token launch: $GBTC is planning to be listed on multiple top-tier centralized and decentralized exchanges with liquidity lock provisions set aside. The aim is to create a stable trading environment for $GBTC
Stage 3Staking and prediction games: Staking and Bitcoin price prediction games will be available to early contributors. This stage aims to strengthen the community and give early access to long-term supporters
Stage 4Predict-to-earn 2.0: Revolutionize the staking prediction game with enhanced gamification creating more engaging features

Benefits of participating in the $GBTC presale

  • Low entry point: Presales tend to give early-stage price discounts for supporting the project before launch. Buying $GBTC in presale presents the best chance to buy at a low price before the exchange listings.
  • Join vibrant community: Early-stage supporters can join the Green Bitcoin community and directly get involved with incentivized community activities.
  • Early access to features: By becoming a part of the Green Bitcoin project, you will have early-stage access to the new features being rolled out, such as “gamified green staking” and the weekly prediction challenges.

Risks of participating in the $GBTC presale

  • No Beta Release: There is no beta release of the precision game yet, and there is no concrete timeline for this to be launched.
  • No correlation to Bitcoin’s success: Bitcoin price action gives no guarantee or any relation to the future price of $GBTC. However, positive market sentiment around $BTC could potentially help $GBTC to grow in price.
  • Project longevity: It is unknown whether new projects can be successful in the long term. This is dependent on the community sentiment and the development of the project itself.


What is $GBTC token?

$GBTC is the ERC20 native cryptocurrency of the Green Bitcoin project and has a staking utility that gives access to gamified green staking features.

How to invest in $GBTC?

You can buy $GBTC by participating in the ongoing presale on the project’s official website. You will need a MetaMask or other ERC20-compatible crypto wallet to participate.

Do I need to own crypto to buy $GBTC?

If you wish to participate using cryptocurrency, you can swap ETH, USDT, or BNB for $GBTC tokens.
However, you can also purchase $GBTC via card payment which requires KYC. However, you will need to own and set up a crypto wallet to receive your tokens at the claim time. Check the Step-by-Step guide above which gives a guide on how to buy $GBTC.