How to Buy Frog Wif Hat – 2024 Buying Guide

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New multi-chain token Frog Wif Hat (FWIF) has launched amid a major bull run for meme coins. Dog Wif Hat (WIF), for instance, has seen particularly explosive growth, pumping by over 200,000% since launch.

With meme coins earning a new level of mainstream attention, many will be looking to get in on the $FWIF action. To do so, create a new crypto wallet using a provider of your choice, set a password and store your seed phrase, fund your wallet, and visit the Frog Wif Hat website to purchase the token.

However, the world of crypto can be complex for newcomers, so this illustrated guide on how to buy Frog Wif Hat will take you through the process in more detail.

How to buy Frog Wif Hat Token ($FWIF) – Step by step guide

To buy Frog Wif Hat in a fair launch scenario, users will first need to create and fund a compatible crypto wallet that can be used with the Uniswap DEX.

Remember, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency means that no project can ever be completely risk-free. You are advised to conduct thorough research before investing.

Step 1: Create a new crypto wallet

The first step to buy Frog Wif Hat is to set up your own compatible crypto wallet. Our analysts recommend MetaMask and BestWallet, though many other options are available. The steps for both are the same, however, we will use MetaMask for the purposes of explanation.

To create a new crypto wallet visit the official MetaMask website. You can choose your specific browser or mobile compatible version of MetaMask, but in this instance we are using Google Chrome.

A screenshot of the 'download' option on the Metamask website

Select Download for Chrome and you will be directed to the Chrome extension page. Add the MetaMask extension.

When opening the extension, you will be asked to create a new crypto wallet.

A screenshot of the 'create new wallet' stage on the Metamask website

Step 2: Note and store a seed phrase to secure the wallet

Next you will be prompted to set a password, and will then be provided with the seed phrase, which is the master unlock to the wallet.

A screenshot of the 'create new wallet' stage on the Metamask website

The seed phrase will usually be 12 words and should be written down and stored in a secure place that doesn’t connect to the internet.

A screenshot of the seed phrase stage on the Metamask website

Step 3: Fund your crypto wallet

To participate in crypto presales or buy cryptocurrencies that are only available on decentralized exchanges, you must first fund your crypto wallet.

Our expert research panels recommend buying Ethereum from a verified exchange such as Coinbase or OKX. When initiating the purchase, you must copy and paste your newly created wallet address as the receiving destination to fund your crypto wallet. The address will start with 0x followed by 40 alphanumeric characters.

The reason that Ethereum is required as opposed to fiat or any other crypto asset is because $FWIF is an ERC20 token and is released via fair launch. Therefore, it is only available to purchase on a decentralized crypto exchange using an ERC20-compatible wallet.

Step 4: Initiate token swap

Once your crypto wallet is funded, you will be ready to buy Frog Wif Hat. Visit the project’s official website, and on the right side of the landing page, you will see the ‘Buy FWIF’ box – click here to be taken to the Uniswap trading panel.

Now, using an option located in the top right-hand corner of the platform, you must connect your wallet to the decentralized exchange. A confirmation widget will pop up at the MetaMask extension which can be confirmed.

A screenshot of the token swap stage on the Metamask website

Select ETH as the primary token you wish to swap for $FWIF and enter the amount you wish to exchange. Remember to leave some extra Ethereum in the wallet to cover the gas fees. Click ‘Swap’, and another widget will pop up displaying the breakdown of the swap and the gas fee.

Once confirmed, the token swap will be initiated after around one minute, and your $FWIF should appear in the wallet.

Key facts and figures for Frog Wif Hat

  • Multi-chain Interoprable: $FWIF will wormhole bridge to Solana making it a multi-chain meme coin.
  • Fair launch: the $FWIF token has been rolled out using the fair launch system. This means that 100% of the tokens are circulating and each individual has a fair chance to purchase $FWIF at the price determined by the market.
  • 0% tax pool: Decentralized meme coins usually implement a tax when buying and selling tokens. $FWIF implements a 0% tax pool, but users will still need to pay gas fees for every swap. When trading on Solana, gas fees are set flat at 0.002 SOL, which is around $0.30.
  • Mint revoked: There is a total of 1 billion $FWIF tokens and the developers have revoked ownership of the smart contracts. This means that developers cannot mint more tokens or block any wallets from interacting with the $FWIF smart contracts.
  • Contract audited: The Frog Wif Hat smart contracts have been audited. This means that a blockchain analytics firm has conducted a risk assessment of the smart contracts and will have identified any vulnerabilities or errors in the code.
  • Milestone achievements: Reached over $1M market cap and over 2,000 $FWIF holders.

Frog Wif Hat roadmap

The $FWIF roadmap has three main stages. The project is currently in the second stage of the roadmap.

Stage 1Social Media Initiation: The social media profile and community channel were launched on Twitter and Telegram.
DEX Launch: The $FWIF token has launched on the Uniswap DEX.
Stage 2 Reach 1k $FWIF holders: The project currently has over 2,000 token holders.
Hire Intern for PR: Hire a fashion-forward intern for marketing and PR activity.
Wormhole to Solana: Being a multi-chain token, the project will use the wormhole bridge to Solana, making the token interoperable.
Stage 3Reach 10k Holders: The primary stage-3 milestone is to reach 10,000 $FWIF holders.
$100 Million Market Cap: Achieving a $100 million market cap will see through the stage 3 roadmap milestone.

Benefits of participating in the $FWIF fair launch

  • Lower entry point: By purchasing tokens in the early stages, investors have the best chance to buy at a lower price. Should the current positive sentiment continue and more buy action occur, early buyers have a higher chance to see profits.
  • Become a part of the community: Early supporters of crypto projects can directly get involved with the team to become community ambassadors.
  • Priority access to future developments: Early-stage contributors are usually highlighted as positive community members. Should the project introduce new features or conduct airdrops, the early-stage contributors will usually be prioritized to receive benefits or early access.

Risks of participating in the $FWIF fair launch

  • Volatility: Meme coins tend to be more volatile than traditional, top market-cap cryptocurrencies.
  • Utility: $FWIF is simply a meme coin with a basic roadmap and no actual utility.
  • Longevity: There is no guarantee that the project can survive in the long term and it all depends on the community sentiment.


How is $FWIF multi-chain?

Frog Wif Hat is a native ERC20 blockchain token. It uses the Solana Wormhole bridge to make tokens interoperable between Ethereum and Solana.

Why must I use Ethereum to purchase $FWIF?

As far as online cryptocurrency brokers go, it is though to be safe to buy Bitcoin on eToro. eToro claims that its proprietary crypto wallet is fortified with “advanced signature mechanism” and “analytic behavior machine learning” in order to identify prospective threads and ensure safety.

That being said, investing in cryptocurrency is inherently risky due to it being a decentralized asset class. Therefore, no crypto exchange can offer completely risk-free crypto products.

What is the benefit of fair launch?

A fair launch is when a crypto token launches 100% of the total supply at once, giving everyone a fair chance to purchase tokens at the community-determined price level. The alternative method to this is holding a presale phase for the token.