How to Buy Dogeverse Token ($DOGEVERSE) – 2024 Guide

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Meme coins have been the meta of this bull cycle with massive returns to early investors. It’s no wonder Dogeverse is one of the more popular meme coins, especially since it’s available on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon and Binance with Solana and Base support coming soon.

Our how-to-buy Dogeverse guide covers everything you need to do from creating a crypto wallet and buying ETH to connecting to the Dogeverse presale website and making the purchase.

dogeverse presale

How to Buy Dogeverse Token ($DOGEVERSE) – Step-by-Step Guide

The only way to buy the Dogeverse token at the moment is via a presale. You need an Ethereum wallet and some ETH or USDT to complete the purchase. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get a Compatible Crypto Wallet

Our first choice for Ethereum wallets is MetaMask as this is the most popular crypto wallet with over 100 million users.

Visit the MetaMask website and select “Download for Chrome” if you use the Chrome web browser. Other browsers are also supported, but we’ll take Chrome as our example.

metamask crypto wallet

Select “Add extension” and the MetaMask wallet will automatically install. Create a new wallet if you don’t have one or import an existing wallet if you have a seed phrase (also known as private keys).

metamask wallet app

Step 2: Secure Your Wallet

Select a password. It doesn’t need to be overly complex as you’ll need to use this password frequently to unlock your wallet.

However, your seed phrase is the most important aspect of your wallet – if you lose it, you will never be able to recover your assets. This is a combination of 12 to 24 randomly generated words.

Save it somewhere safe and never write it down on your computer or take photos of it.

metamask seed phrase

You will be asked to enter some of the words to confirm you have written down your seed phrase.

Now your wallet is ready.

Step 3: Purchase Compatible Tokens

You need ETH to pay gas fees. You also need ETH or USDT to buy $DOGEVERSE tokens.

Visit a crypto exchange like Kraken or Coinbase to buy ETH. You can do so either directly with a card or via bank transfer. The latter is typically cheaper in terms of fees but it takes longer. By the time your funds clear, the price of ETH may have changed so much that it could end up costing more than if you bought ETH with a card.

Once you have ETH, go to your account profile on whichever crypto exchange you’re using and select withdraw. Use the ETH address you generated in MetaMask to receive your funds.

Step 4: Purchase $DOGEVERSE Tokens

Visit the Dogeverse presale site and connect your wallet by selecting “Connect wallet” in the presale widget.

dogeverse presale

Select the number of ETH you wish to spend and the site will automatically convert it to $DOGEVERSE at the current rate.

There’s also the option to buy using other blockchains and coins, including BNB, MATIC and AVAX, with Solana and Base support coming soon. However, you won’t be eligible to earn the staking rewards if you buy using anything other than Ethereum.

What is Dogeverse?

Dogeverse is an exciting new cryptocurrency that follows the dog theme narrative of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Unlike those two meme coins that only operate on one blockchain each, Dogeverse is designed to be multi-chain.

Available on Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche and soon on Solana and Base, it gives the opportunity to meme coin traders on these blockchains to buy early and benefit from a potential price explosion.

dogeverse project

Meme coin billionaires are back, betting on coins without any utility like Dogwifhat and Pepe. While meme coin traders are aware that these cryptocurrencies are worthless, they are still betting on them and some of them have earned serious amounts.

With meme coin trading volume surpassing $80 billion in one week in March 2024, it shows that this trend is likely to continue throughout 2024. Because of that, Dogeverse is worth keeping an eye out for as it could be the next crypto to make you rich.

Dogeverse Staking

To reward early supporters, there’s a 191% annual percentage yield (APY) for staking tokens. Out of the total token supply of 200 billion tokens, 10% are allocated for staking rewards. This means those who stake early will get the most tokens. As more tokens are staked, the APY will drop as it shares the same reward pool.

dogeverse staking

This can be an excellent way to increase your token holdings without making additional purchases. However, staking is only available for tokens bought on the Ethereum blockchain.

Make sure to check out the Dogeverse whitepaper for more details.


Similar to all meme coins, the Dogeverse tokenomics are simple. There are 200 billion tokens in total with 15% (30 billion tokens) allocated for the token presale.

The staking rewards will get 10% allocation, while liquidity and exchanges will get 15%. Large portion of 25% will go to marketing purposes. With the token launching on six popular blockchains, adding a strong marketing campaign could make a huge impact on the token visibility and its price.

dogeverse tokenomics


Being a meme coin typically means there are no complex roadmap features. Dogeverse proves this point with its own roadmap that has five phases without any deadlines:

  1. Starting the smart contract and the Dogeverse website.
  2. Presale beginning and community building.
  3. Marketing campaign with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko applications.
  4. DEX listing with DEXTools and Birdeye updates.
  5. CEX listing and marketing initiatives.

3 Reasons to Buy $DOGEVERSE – Key Takeaways

If you’re having second thoughts on whether to buy $DOGEVERSE, here’s what to consider:

  • Early entry – Buying a token during a presale typically means you’re getting a better price before listing on exchanges.
  • Vibrant meme community – Ethereum, Solana and Base are the top three blockchains for meme coin traders, which have also seen their blockchains benefit from meme coin trading. Being multi-chain, Dogeverse has access to all these communities, giving it huge potential to soar once it lists on exchanges.
  • Staking – Earn 191% staking APY just by locking up your tokens. This way you get to earn more tokens without making additional purchases.


Dogeverse is a new meme coin that is available on multiple blockchains. As a testament to its popularity, the Dogeverse presale has raised over $5 million so far, making it one of the best active crypto ICOs at the moment.

To buy $DOGEVERSE, you need an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask and some ETH or USDT in your wallet. You can buy the token with other coins like BNB, MATIC and AVAX but you won’t be eligible for the staking rewards.

Follow Dogeverse on X and join the Dogeverse Telegram channel to stay updated and learn more about this project.


Do I need Ethereum to buy $DOGEVERSE?

Yes, you need ETH to buy the tokens and pay transaction fees. You can buy $DOGEVERSE with other coins like BNB, AVAX and MATIC but you won’t be eligible for the staking rewards.

Can I use another wallet app?

Yes, you can use any Ethereum-compatible crypto wallet to make the purchase.