Crypto Wallets, Micropayments, And The Future of Blockchain

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With Robinhood having recently revealed word of 2022 crypto-wallet offerings, below are fresh comments from Publicis Sapient, Executive Vice President, Financial Services, David Donovan.

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Crypto Wallets

“As we’ve seen, Robinhood has made it a point to stay involved in crypto, so the launch of their crypto wallet seems a natural progression from the other services they’ve been offering. The crypto wallet broadens the range of custodial services Robinhood offers its users.”

The Proliferation Of DeFi

DeFi will effectively make payments free, which means banks likely won’t be in the payments space in the coming 3-5 years. This will free banks to change up their service focus to smart contracts and lending, allowing a new swath of helpful apps to flourish across platforms.”

“In the near future where digital protocols are more robust and better adapted to our needs, the focus from a security standpoint will shift to what goes out and where due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies. Robinhood and others will dominate the market if they’re first to figure out how to run rules-based engines to safeguard private keys and perform other custodial functions.”

Don’t Sleep On Smart Contracts

“The real magic is tapping into smart contracts. You will see various financial institutions becoming more active in the creation of tradeable securities. Smart contracts within the blockchain will be cheaper, more efficient, secure, and more verifiable due to the fact that we’ll be able to store contacts in NFTs. Look at the NFT world right now which currently congregates and focuses around collectibles such as sports memorabilia, modeling a stable translation platform. Potential applications and their upside are aplenty. Whether for trading or regular business and health, users and patients alike could have more complete control over partitioning data to solve privacy and cookie-related conversations.”

Micropayments Can Kick Start The Creative Economy

“A world of more robust digital protocols will be a massive win for the “creative economy”, namely creative freelancers, gig economy workers, and other non-traditional entrepreneurs who would have a faster, more reliable means of getting paid via micropayments. Currently, these people are getting compensated non-traditionally, and banks don’t know how to value them and their net worth. Banks currently don’t have a reliable apparatus with which to produce accurate valuations of the growing ranks of non-traditional earners. Through micropayments, the net worth of certain TikTok and YouTube influencers numbering well in the millions would gain previously dreamt of access to funds and credit. With micropayments, the way gig workers live their lives would functionally change forever.”

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