Crypto Crash & Murphy’s Law: Is There A Correlation?

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Crypto crash & Murphy’s law: Is there a correlation? Is this the beginning of the end for crypto?

Crypto Crash & Murphy’s Law

Scott Sheridan, market expert, and CEO of tastyworks comments:

“I think right now you’re seeing a bit of Murphy’s Law with respect to crypto. The recent issues with stable coins, in general, coming in the midst of some pretty bearish market activity overall, couldn’t come at a worse time. You have a lot of nervous investors at the moment and anything calling into question the stability of crypto right now is going to be more heavily scrutinized by traders.

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I don’t think crypto, as an asset class, is going away. I firmly believe it’s here to stay and is simply experiencing growing pains.

Having said that, we absolutely need regulatory clarity and I think we’ll likely have that before the end of this year. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much individual investors can do in the meantime to speed things up. This is just a part of the slow process inherent in the regulatory side of things. Frankly, evolution in the industry, with respect to products and asset classes, is lightyears faster than regulators."

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