This Crack Gives You Free VIP Access To MovieBoxPro On iOS

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Since the demise of MovieBox more than a month ago, loyal users of the popular media streaming service have been looking for alternatives. Of course, there are a handful of alternatives available, but many have turned to the newly launched MovieBoxPro, which has a neat interface and a bunch of features. More importantly, people can watch TV shows and movies on MovieBoxPro for free.

How to get VIP access to MovieBoxPro

Unfortunately, the free version is restricted to 360p resolution and users have to bear with the bombardment of ads. The streaming service also offers a VIP mode, which removes the ads and lets you stream videos in 360p, HD, and Full HD resolutions. The VIP version brings many other cool features such as a special certificate for iOS, which eliminates the need to reinstall the app again and again.

The VIP mode also offers Apple TV compatibility. The VIP version seems a lot more attractive, but it comes with a fee. MovieBoxPro developers are currently accepting payments only through Paypal. The ever investigative folks at Piunikaweb have discovered that there is a way to get the VIP access for iOS without paying a dime.

According to Piunikaweb, Twitter users Aladdin Cracks and @DinoD7 have come up with a crack that lets you access VIP features for free. They have hosted the cracked version of MovieBoxPro on AppValley. This video by DinoD7 details how you can get it on your iOS device without jailbreaking.

To get the cracked version of MovieBoxPro, launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and go to AppValley. You’ll find MovieBoxPro in featured apps or simply search ‘MovieBox’ and download the app. Now exit the Safari browser and check if the app is installing. If it isn’t, tap to force install it.

Once the app is installed, you’ll see a popup warning that the app is from an untrusted developer. Don’t worry. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device and go to General > Profiles and Device Management > Wanhe Securities. Now trust the developer and trust again on the popup. That’s all. Now come back to the home screen, launch the app, go to settings in the top-right corner, and sign-in using a Google account.

The developers require you to sign-in using your Google account because the free version of the app requires to be reinstalled again and again. Signing in with Google allows them to save your favorites, wish list, and play history. You can enjoy videos ad-free on the app.

It’s not working for everyone

However, the cracked version didn’t work for everyone. Many people who installed it and tried to watch movies and TV shows encountered a number of problems. DinoD7, one of the developers of the cracked app, confirmed that there were some problems. Anyway, it’s worth a try if you are interested in streaming movies and TV shows for free.

It’s worth pointing out that people behind the original MovieBox have nothing to do with the new MovieBoxPro or its cracked version. The new Pro app has a collection of more than 10,000 movies and TV shows. Its library is updated daily. The app supports iOS 11.3 and later. Unlike BitTorrent, it doesn’t rely on the P2P protocol. Its developers claim the app offers multi-audio switching and multi-language subtitle switching. You can also download movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

Don’t forget that using apps like MovieBoxPro, ShowBox, and others is not entirely legal because most of these services don’t own rights to the content they stream or distribute. That’s why Hollywood studios and other content creators are threatening such apps and their users of legal consequences.

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