Comparison: iOS 10.2 Beta vs. iOS 10.1.1 vs. 10.1

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If you’re trying to keep up with everything that’s going on with iOS 10 at the moment, it’s not going to be easy. As we saw in the latter stages of iOS 9, Apple is continuing its quick update releases. Just a couple of days ago, it released iOS 10.1.1; however, now we have the beta version of 10.2. In this article, we’re going to look to see if there’s any performance increase between 10.2 beta, 10.1.1 and 10.1.

iOS 10 speed increase?

Whenever Apple releases a new firmware update, the initial thought is whether it will offer any performance increase, and that’s understandable, considering that the majority of people who upgraded to iOS 10 will be using older handsets. While many of the older iPhones do work OK, some updates can cause considerable sluggishness.

However, for those who just updated to 10.1.1 without a problem, the question is, “How does this beta compare to the current live version of the OS?”

AppleBytes has the answer

If you’re serious about finding out if there’s a performance increase, you’re in luck. YouTube video creator and Apple fan AppleBytes has created a set of new videos, which show 10.2 beta 1 compared to iOS 10.1.1. In the video, he/she has been thorough, in the fact that many different iPhone’s were used. In a conversation with RedmondPie about the tests, AppleBytes said:

“I have done the tests, and from my preliminary results, it looks as if there are minor improvements. Although some devices boot a tiny bit slower, it seems like some apps do launch a bit faster, like Photos on the iPhone 5. Overall the Geekbench scores are better across the board on all devices, except for the 6 which is almost a tie.”

So without watching the videos AppleBytes has provided, it’s clear that the 10.2 beta is not a backward step. In fact, this is most apparent when performance is concerned. iOS 10.2 is considered to be a bug fix and small functionality update, which, when combined, is not usually thought of as something that would increase performance.

Video comparisons

If you’d rather just watch the video comparisons before upgrading to either iOS 10.1.1 or you want to know how the beta compares to the last public release of the iPhone 5 or 6s, please go ahead. However, whatever you upgrade to, lower-end handsets like the 5, 5c and 5s will not see much improvement.

iPhone 6s: iOS 10.2 beta vs. iOS 10.1.1

In this first test on the iPhone 6s, 10.2 caused a slight delay in boot-up times. However, overall, the performance was very close. In fact, some apps did seem to launch faster than with the 6s running 10.1.1.

iPhone 5

Again, there is some indication of improvement with the10.2 beta, particularly when the camera app is used on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 6s

The results of this next test showed mixed results, with the iPhone 6s being upgraded to 10.1.1 not seeing any degradation in performance. However, there’s also no improvement in performance, so it’s safe to upgrade, knowing that there’s no perceivable difference.

iPhone 5

The result in this final test with the iPhone 5 revealed identical results to the previous test. Upgrading to 10.1.1 from 10.1 won’t affect or improve the performance of your handset.

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