College Paper Writing Hints: 5 Computer Games That Positively Affect Student’s Creativity

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Computer games are a popular entertainment source for students. Some of them feel guilty playing games because they believe that their time could be spent more productively. However, games can positively affect your creativity which is important for your studies. For example, take a look at some games below that can even improve your creative skills!

1. Syberia

Embark on an adventure with a character who travels across Europe and Russia in attempts to seal an important business deal. Help her solve unexpected dilemmas with non-technological devices. Search for answers and targets that you need to reach by using creative and logical reasoning. Additionally, complete subplots conducted on cellphone calls that involve the character’s failing romantic relationship.

2. Minecraft

This game forces you to use creativity to turn simplicity into extravagance. The virtual world is yours to create as you use blocks and other resources to build the worlds and experiences in the game. It is only limited to how creative your imagination is. Some users have created such intricate creations, they can play other games like Pacman within Minecraft!

3. Tetris

Tetris is an old school game that is one of the original puzzle games. Blocks of different shapes slowly fall in a rectangular-shaped box. Your creativity is needed to spin and flip the shapes around until they perfectly fit together all the way up to the top of the box – leaving not a single piece of empty space if possible. Once you reach the top of the screen and can’t fit a piece anywhere, you start over. Be careful, if you carelessly let blocks build up and trap you into not being able to maneuver other falling blocks, you’ll lose.

4. Terraria

This game is a kind of a 2-dimensional version of Minecraft. However, this game requires you to build structures for non-playable characters in order to progress in your quests. You are able to use forward-moving features like armor builds and power-ups that are surprisingly expansive in potential. Use your creativity to identify problems or requirements and select available game resources to form solutions.

5. Age of Empires

Age of Empires can be considered similar to other games like Township or The Sims but across a historical spectrum. You will be taken on a journey through time from modern civilization to ancient Greek times. It is up to you to build a thriving civilization based on the resources available in the time period until you figure out how to progressively evolve into the next historical period. Use your creative skills to protect your land, build cities, supply food, and more!

It’s not too good to be true – playing computer games is not necessarily a waste of your time! There are games to boost resourceful skills like your creativity such as the ones described in this article. Try one of the games if you haven’t already and see yourself how your creativity increases from it!

Of course, you won’t become a professional writer just when playing computer games from dawn to dusk. In case you need some help with completing a strong paper, turn to a writing service like to get a sample that meets all your requirements and let it teach you in practice.

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