CNBC’s The Profit To Be As Profitable As The Crowd That Didn’t Rule

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CNBC is at it again- trying to differentiate itself in the crowded world of reality TV and with a concept that’s hardly original. Tonight they debut a show entitled The Profit, starring entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis who has helped many troubled businesses in the past. In the show he will give money to try and help a business succeed. But sounds like we have heard this one before. Shark Tank perhaps? There’s hardly anything standout about the show and TV critic Kevin McDonough points out as much in his column today, saying it “seems like a pastiche of every reality series ever canceled.”

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CNBC reaffirmed their latest venture

Speaking of canceled, on Saturday the network reaffirmed their latest venture into the reality world had failed and would be pulled from the airwaves. Crowd Rules, which as McDonough mentions “debuted to a minuscule audience of fewer than 50,000 viewers,” proved highly unsuccessful and only lasted two episodes. Sounds like The Profit will be as profitable as the Crowd that clearly didn’t Rule (see Crowd Rules’ ratings below from Nielsen)


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