Don’t Worry About That Clicking Noise From Your Galaxy S10; It’s Normal

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a new device which just started to reach customers last week. We have already heard about a few issues that users have come across so far, such as problems looking at the screen through polarized sunglasses, issues with accidental touch protection not working, and a few more. Initially there were no complaints about the S10’s camera, but now we are hearing some users complain about a clicking noise from the Galaxy S10 or its camera.

What users say about the clicking noise from the Galaxy S10

Samsung is known for offering the best camera experience in its flagship S and Note lineups. The same is the case with the Galaxy S10, which features a rear camera with three lenses: one telephoto, one wide-angle and one ultra-wide.

Although users have raised no complaints about the quality of the images captured by the camera, many are flagging the mysterious clicking noise often heard while using the camera. As can be expected, S10 users have taken to Samsung’s product forums and social media platforms to discuss the issue, which was first spotted by tech site PiunikaWeb.

One user said the clicking noise from the Galaxy S10 can be heard when opening apps like the camera, Snapchat, or Instagram and even the face unlock feature. One user described it as a “mechanic [sic] noise,” which even occurs when switching from the front to the rear camera or changing modes.

“I am having the exact same issue with the s10+ maybe I’m really particular but it makes the phone sound cheap and cheesy. I cant [sic] stand it. The thing that concerns me is that it went away for some time today,” one user said on Samsung’s product forum.

Many users have noticed the same clicking noise from the Galaxy S10, and some even say the noise is even more pronounced in a silent room.

Clicking noise from Galaxy S10 is normal or expected

Despite several complaints from users, Samsung says the clicking noise from the Galaxy S10 is normal. The sound actually comes from the camera adjusting its aperture.

“This sound is normal. It’s likely the aperature [sic] of the adjustable lens adjusting for the current light in the shot,” Samsung Care Ambassador VerbumVeritum said on the company’s forums.

One Reddit user explained what’s happening further, saying, “If you take a look at the main (middle) camera lens while opening the camera app, you’ll actually SEE what’s making the sound. It’s the adjustable aperture moving.”

One user doubted such an explanation, saying he had an S8+ before, but it didn’t cause such a sound. To this, the Samsung Care ambassador replied that the S8+ didn’t have a dual-aperture camera, and that is why there was no such noise.

Similar noise was in the Galaxy S9

Samsung first introduced the variable aperture with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. In fact, S9 and Note 9 users faced a similar confusion last year.

“Hey, i [sic] bought myself a new S9+ yesterday and everytime [sic] i [sic] Open the Camera ( in the Camera App, snapchat and Instagram) or Switch between the Camera modes, the Camera is doing a clicking noise. Is it normal?” one user asked on Reddit about five months ago.

At that time also, the noise was referred to as normal, and the explanation was similar to the one given for the clicking noise from the Galaxy S10.

“The camera autofocus mechanism is floating when it’s not being used. When you start the camera app, it snaps it into place. That’s what you’re hearing,” a user replied at the time.

Thus, if you also hear an unusual clicking noise from your S10 or even S9, then be assured that it is no issue, but rather, an expected behavior.

In related news, the Google Camera app is now available to the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e. With the app, the S10 phones get HDR+, portrait mode and Night Sight mode as well. The port was developed by an XDA Developers forum member, and it works even with the Galaxy S10’s 16-megapixel ultra-wide lens.

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