10 Clever Business Logo Ideas You’ve Never Noticed [Infographic]

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One of the most important things any business must get right in order to be successful is its branding and that includes a Clever Business Logo.

Whether it’s in the world of food and drink, technology or travel, every industry has leading companies which have unmistakably good branding.

This list from Social Media Today contains a number of great examples including the likes of Coca-Cola and Apple.

While not every business can reach the lofty heights of these examples, they can do plenty to maximise their branding reach and reputation.

This post from Kissmetrics discusses 5 big mistakes even successful brands make and what can be learned from them.

The centrepiece of any branding campaign is, of course, the company logo. The logo will feature on just about everything and is integral to a successful campaign.

Consider some of the world’s biggest brands, they all have excellent logos which cannot be mistaken for anything else.

In fact, some brands have become so successful and engraved into our consciousness that we don’t even realise we are consuming them.

Some brands have gone a step further with their logos, adding little creative flourishes to give them even more value. Despite this, many people aren’t really aware of them.

You can take a look at the most interesting examples of this in a new infographic from silverdoor.co.uk.

It’s called ‘10 Clever Business Logo Ideas You’ve Never Noticed’ and includes both logos you see everyday and those you might never have seen, however, all of them have been intelligent put together.

A perfect example from this infographic is the FedEx logo. While it seems a straightforward logo displaying the name of a business, if you look a little closer there’s more to be seen.

The space between all the letters was removed from the original design so that an arrow was created between the E and x. This perfectly symbolises their principle of moving forward quickly, which is obviously very important in their line of work.

There are plenty more like this to enjoy so take a look at the infographic below.

Clever Business Logo
Clever Business Logo

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