‘Clash Of Kings’ Gets Twitter Emoji On Its 2nd Anniversary

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Twitter users who are fans of popular mobile game Clash of Kings will be able to personalize their experience this month as the micro-blogging giant is collaborating with leading Chinese game developer ELEX to release an exclusive Twitter emoji #ClashofKings. The Clash of Kings emoji is being launched to celebrate the second anniversary of the game.

Celebrating second anniversary of Clash Of Kings

Now a special Twitter emoji will appear after the hashtag in a tweet if the user includes the #ClashofKings hashtag when composing it. The emoji, which is designed as the king’s face, is available worldwide for fans of Clash of Kings. Fans can use the emoji from now until August 16. This is the first branded campaign emoji the micro-blogging site has customized for a China-based company.

The Chinese gaming company ELEX has been collaborating with the micro-blogging site for more than two years. Both have focused on marketing on Promoted Trends in target markets like Japan, the U.K., the U.S. and France and promoting the mobile app. ELEX will also be running a live-streaming campaign on Twitter in conjunction with the second anniversary of Clash Of Kings.

“Twitter is pleased to join in the 2nd anniversary celebrations of Clash of Kings with the custom brand emoji. Our collaboration showcases Twitter’s ability to connect engaging content from Greater China with the game’s audience around the world,” said the head of sales for Twitter Greater China, Alan Lan.

“Twitter has been pivotal in our international outreach to overseas gaming fans, supporting our digital innovation journey and celebrating our 2nd anniversary with the custom Emoji,” added Peng Yue, Clash of Kings producer at ELEX.

ELEX has become a benchmark for Chinese internet companies which are keen to go global, Yue added. He also said they seek to provide the best interactive entertainment and Internet services for gamers globally.

Twitter helping ELEX to go global

ELEX is the biggest mobile game developer in China and fifth in the world. Hyde Hao, VP of Elex Technology, said they include regional cultural elements in their games for certain countries, and users find this really appealing. As a result, Hao said they have better coverage than U.S.-based companies.

Clash of Kings is a popular mobile game with more than 88 million downloads since July 2014. According to the latest Worldwide App Annie Index for Games, the game ranked among the Top 10 mobile games in May 2016.

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