Dallas Tops List Of Most Annoying Neighbors In America

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Whether you own your own home or choose to rent, there’s one thing we all have in common: neighbors.  Some we love and others drive us absolutely crazy. In a recent national survey of the American public, Improvenet set out to identify two things.  First to identify the cities in American with the most annoying neighbors and also to found out the most common complaints neighbors have in each city.


To do this they surveyed 2,500 people living in two dozen cities across the United States to find out which cities have the worst neighbors.  Their analysis covered overall levels of frustration with nuisance neighbors, the prevalence of 36 common annoyances, and the always touchy subject of confrontation.


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Listed below is the rankings of the most annoying neighbors in America:

  1. Dallas
  2. Miami
  3. Austin
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Los Angeles
  6. New York
  7. San Francisco
  8. Chicago
  9. Houston
  10. San Diego
  11. San Jose
  12. Phoenix
  13. Columbus
  14. San Antonio
  15. Detroit
  16. Nashville
  17. Indianapolis
  18. Boston
  19. Las Vegas
  20. Denver
  21. Seattle
  22. Atlanta
  23. Portland
  24. Minneapolis

They also looked at the things that annoy us most about our neighbors.  Listed below is the top 36 annoyances as well as the worst city for each complaint.

  1. Loud music (Houston)
  2. Loud voices by Adults (Philadelphia)
  3. Loud parties (Los Angeles)
  4. Parking issues (Philadelphia)
  5. Loud pets (Indianapolis)
  6. Loud voices by kids (San Antonio)
  7. Dog poop/pee (Nashville)
  8. General grumpiness (Detroit)
  9. Loud TV (San Antonio)
  10. Overflowing garbage/recycling (Seattle)
  11. Dirty yard (Detroit)
  12. Loud movement indoors (New York)
  13. Aggressive dogs (Austin)
  14. Smoke from tobacco (Las Vegas)
  15. Loud home improvement work (Boston)
  16. Smoke from marijuana (Phoenix)
  17. Trespassing (Indianapolis)
  18. Dirty home exterior (Detroit)
  19. Public intoxication (Denver)
  20. Unsightly storage (Nashville)
  21. Unannounced visits (Atlanta)
  22. Property damage (San Diego)
  23. Loud sex (Minneapolis)
  24. Boundary disputes (Boston)
  25. Cooking smells (New York)
  26. Storage in common areas (New York)
  27. Ugly landscaping (Philadelphia)
  28. Smelly pets (San Antonio)
  29. Smoke from grilling (Austin)
  30. Obnoxious outdoor lighting (Denver)
  31. Ugly homes (Nashville)
  32. Missing newspaper/mail (Austin)
  33. Obstructed view (San Diego)
  34. Indecent exposure (Nashville)
  35. Holiday decorations (Austin)
  36. Sings in yard/window (Indianapolis)

The survey also found that over 54% of American have actively confronted a neighbor about their bothersome behavior.

The preferred methods of confrontation for a majority of Americans is listed below: .

  1. Face-to-face
  2. Through police
  3. Phone call
  4. Through home/condo association
  5. Signed note (on door or in mailbox)
  6. Text
  7. Anonymous note
  8. Through another neighbor
  9. Email
  10. Through attorney

Without question the leading offender was noise. Americans tend to get very angry regarding noisy neighbors.  Loud music was the biggest offender on the list but loud kids and pets also made the list.  The full analysis about annoying neighbors in American can be seen in the graphic below.

Most Annoying Neighbors

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