Citadel Advisors Boosts Stake In Fairchild, Buys WhiteWave

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Citadel Advisors Boosts Stake In Fairchild, Buys WhiteWave

Citadel Advisors has purchased a large stake in a new company, and increased its stake in another one. According to a 13F filing, Ken Griffin’s value hedge fund now owns 5.4% of The WhiteWave Foods Co (NYSE:WWAV), or 1,243,810 shares. The company with a market cap of $2.6 billion appears to be a new holding for Citadel. Additionally, Griffin has upped his stake in Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE:FCS) from 2.57%  ( 3,261,093 shares) as per the Q3 13F, to 4.6% or 5,822,624 shares. What makes the Fairchild holding interesting is that the SEC typically does not require a 13G for purchasing less than 5% of outstanding shares.

The WhiteWave Foods Co (NYSE:WWAV) is a consumer packaged food and beverage company. For the nine months ended 30 September 2012, The WhiteWave Foods Co revenues increased 13% to $1.68B. Net income before extraordinary items decreased 15% to $84M. Revenues reflect North America segment increase of 17% to $1.41B, North America segment increase of 17% to $1.41B. Net income was offset by Corporate and Other segment loss totaling $10.2M vs. income of $7.8M, Europe segment income decrease of 23% to $16.9M.

Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE:FCS) manufactures semiconductors devices and photographic equipment. For the 39 weeks ended 30 September 2012, Fairchild Semiconductor International revenues decreased 14% to $1.07B. Net income decreased 69% to $38.2M. Revenues reflect PCIA segment decrease of 18% to $530.8M, SDT segment decrease of 34% to $108.8M, MCCC segment decrease of 2% to $432.9M, China segment decrease of 11% to $364.7M, Europe segment decrease of 20% to $139.4M, United States segment decrease of 25% to $100M.

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