Chinese Man Buys Two Apple Watch Editions For Dog

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The son of the richest man in mainland China has sparked controversy online after posting photos on Weibo.

Wang Sicong uploaded 5 photos to his dog’s personal Weibo account showing the Siberian Husky wearing two gold Apple Watch Editions on its front legs. The internet erupted with criticism following the ostentatious display of wealth.

Dog draped in $28,000 of Apple Watch gold edition

The dog looks quite confused by his new adornments, and Wang took it upon himself to add a series of captions. “I have new watches! I’m supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs,” reads one. “But that seems too tuhao so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status. Do you have one?”

Tuhao is a derogatory term for people who are very wealthy, but have no class. Presumably we are supposed to think that Wang avoids being labeled tuhao due to his restraint in only giving his dog two very expensive Apple Watch Editions.

In mainland China the 42-millimeter Apple Watch Edition with white sport band sells for ¥88,800 ($14,318), which means that Wang’s lucky dog now sports over $28,000 in new jewelry. In Wang’s book that may not make him tuhao, but is it certainly the kind of extravagant flaunting of wealth which is looked down upon by the Chinese government.

Controversial behavior lands Wang in hot water

Wang’s father, Wang Jianlin, is chairman of the largest real estate developer in China. His position at the Dalian Wanda Group has made him the richest man on the Chinese mainland. His son is a director at the company, as well as a regular presence on Chinese social media.

Wang Sicong may be able to buy as many Apple Watch Editions as he wants, but there is one model that he can’t get his paws on. Apple has been giving out a gold link bracelet Apple Watch Edition to a select few A-listers, including Kanye West, Beyoncé and Karl Lagerfeld.

Fortunately for Wang Sicong he can occupy himself by buying more expensive jewelry for his dog, and winding up Chinese social media users. He should perhaps be careful not to attract too much attention from the government, given its distaste for flashy behavior.


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