Chinese Man Buys iPhone Online, Receives Pancake

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One iPhone buyer in China has learned the hard way that sometimes deals you find online are just too good to be true.

If you find a sought after piece of technology online at a 70% discount, most people would be wary. However the man jumped at the chance to get his hands on what was purportedly an iPhone 6s at the rock bottom rate of just 1,500 yuan ($230), according to Shanghaiist.

Dodgy seller ships pancake to iPhone 6s buyer

Presumably excited about finding the deal of the century, the man identified only as Hou must have been crushed when he received a pancake in the mail. The seller reportedly told Hou that the iPhone 6s was so cheap because it had been smuggled into China.

As it turns out it was so cheap because it wasn’t a phone at all. Hou tried to contact the seller to get a refund but his attempt have so far been unsuccessful.

Last week a similar story emerged about a Chinese woman who paid for an Apple iPhone online but received a Pear Phone instead. Pear Phone was set up as a parody of Apple for a TV series.

Expensive pancake will not be forgotten

Hou was arguably better off with his 1,500 yuan pancake compared to the 8,400 yuan ($1290) the woman paid for her Pear Phone. There has been no word on whether Hou ate the most expensive pancake he will (hopefully) ever buy.

China’s thirst for Apple technology has led to some crazy stories. Last year two men in Yangzhou apparently approached an organ seller in an attempt to raise money for a new smartphone by selling a kidney.

Stories have also emerged of hospitals offering the same money as the price of an iPhone 6s in return for sperm donations. However not just anyone can apply.

Ruijin Hospital is looking for men over 165cm tall, with a college education, a Chinese ID card and no genetic diseases. If they fulfil the criteria, candidates can receive 6,000 yuan for each 17ml sample of sperm.

It certainly sounds a bit easier than sacrificing a kidney on the black market.


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