Charlie Munger Likes Zoom

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In an interview of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger by Becky Quick, broadcast by CNBC last evening, Charlie Munger discussed his positive view and outlook for Zoom Video Communications Inc (NASDAQ:ZM):

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Charlie Munger's Outlook For Zoom

QUICK: How often do you talk to people on Zoom?

MUNGER: At least three times a day. I made a deal in Australia. I, I think Zoom is here to stay. It’s, it just adds so much convenience.

QUICK: So how does life change post-pandemic? How does work change? And, and how does it’s, go back to normal? I guess, what, what do you think happens—

MUNGER: Well, I think a lot of business travel will never come back. Just corporation after corporation deciding one meeting a year, two meetings a year in person, and the rest Zoom. And I think that’s here to stay. And, of course, what’s happened to office demand is just think of the agonies in that field now. And a lot of people have found they don’t need to be there. I think all kinds of things are gonna happen that, that we’ll be, we don’t go back to what we did before.

Article by Dr. David Kass