Charlie Munger Daily Journal Annual Meeting 2016

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Rare audio of super-investor Charles Munger at the Daily Journal annual meeting 2016, expounding his wisdom for us to enjoy.

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Charlie Munger Daily Journal Annual Meeting 2016


On now. I don't think a mycorrhizal home without being totally. So we have this day or. While it was paid by business man. So it was of course the world changed for us. Others here other other point. Oh I don't know what you're doing. They come back or Gore votes right now. Yeah the that they were Florida. It was way a lot of people had said this was like wait for us let us use money to buy low prices for impact. Hated by your response. Deterioration of our newspaper business. We have this software that is so expensive. And this is the or so that business is doing way better. Record earnings sales were just doing better because I honestly believe that this is an endless public district courts. Hard to imagine for her for more offices. Now it's entities that do business with public bodies and so on and so either one of the companies that are in the software company or you know if you're Microsoft you see this this looks like a business which I think is worth more or less so of the really big boys are next. So they have to stay out. And I think our are probably better than those as more of the market like Hey everyone. So we how have that fashion operation in the software business. Ted Gagra was asked to stop making light of this. You hold back your tears. Not saying it won't work the words don't really deserve them. All right I'll stick with your next block. All right. Two questions.

One is on Internet technologies and all your internet technologies in the next year. So what are the opportunities for next year. What are hurdles. Kristie well I was excited about occurred because I was getting off course are crucial milestone you've just seen disaster in California success. It may well spread elsewhere. So who gets.

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