List Of CES 2018 Smartphone Release Dates And Prices

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At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, a variety of different phones were revealed that are expected to release later this year. We’ve included a list of some of the standout models below from CES 2018, with release dates and prices – courtesy of Flipsy.


Moviphone, a novel new smartphone from Wireless Mobi Solution, offers something unique to a largely iterative market. The device is centered around the media experience, and offers the capability to bypass the limitations of screen size and project video directly from your phone. This device is definitely worth keeping an eye on, and was one of the most unique reveals at CES 2018.

Release Date: Available Now

Price: $599

HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei has struggled to get their phones in the hands of consumers worldwide, despite being a huge company in their home country of China. As a high-end Android flagship, it offers another viable alternative to phones from tech giants like Samsung, and was a welcome addition to the impressive lineup at CES 2018. For an extra luxurious experience, consider a special edition designed by Porsche.

Release Date: February 4 (Pre-Order), Shipping February 18

Price: $799, $1225 for Porsche Edition

Honor View 10

Honor View 10

As a subsidiary of Huawei, Honor has a reputation for producing some solid mid-range phones. The Honor View 10 revealed at CES 2018 is affordable while still managing to pack in some impressive power, with a dedicated gaming suite designed to make the most out of its processor and RAM.

Release Date: First Quarter 2018

Price: Expected to be under $500

Honor 7X
Image source: HiHonor

Honor 7X

As the second phone from the manufacturer to debut at CES 2018, the Honor 7X offers a budget smartphone experience while retaining a large 5.93-inch screen with a premium edge-to-edge aesthetic perfect for watching videos or gaming.

Release Date: Pre-order now, shipping January 25

Price: $200

BlackBerry Motion

Blackberry Motion

While Blackberry has generally been known for their physical keyboards and phones designed with business users in mind, the Blackberry Motion revealed at CES 2018 is a solid mid-range smartphone that performs admirably when compared to competitors.

Release Date: Available Now

Price: $499.99

Blackberry KeyOne Bronze
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Blackberry KeyOne Bronze Edition

The Blackberry KeyOne Bronze Edition is a purely aesthetic upgrade, but from what we can see it makes for a beautiful phone. It’s probably not worth buying if you already own the phone, but it offers another gorgeous finish to the mix of Blackberry’s lineup.

Release Date: Anticipated First Quarter 2018

Price: TBA

Samsung Galaxy A8
Image source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A8/A8 Plus

While Samsung is largely known for their luxury S and Note flagship lines, they also offer more affordable alternatives that retain the same level of craftsmanship at more affordable prices. The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus, revealed at CES 2018, are solid mid-range phones that have received great critical reviews.

Release Date: Available now in Asia, Europe, and India; US release expected in January 2018

Price: Somewhere around $350 or $450

Alcatel 5
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Alcatel 5/3/1 series

Alcatel isn’t very well known, but they’ve managed to offer three extremely affordable phones coming this year at CES 2018. The Alcatel 5, 3, and 1, are all separate phones with successively decreasing price tags. The Alcatel 1 is actually rumored to cost less than $100 – a figure almost unheard of in the modern smartphone scene. Little is known about the phones thus far, but the company is adding three new budget options to the mix within the year.

Release Date: TBA; more details coming at Mobile World Congress in February

Price: Estimated $300 (Alcatel 5), $200 (Alcatel 3), $100 or less (Alcatel 1)

Asus ZenFone Max Plus
Image source: Asus

Asus ZenFone Max Plus

Another manufacturer that is a little less known when it comes to smartphones is Asus, but the Asus ZenFone Max Plus revealed during CES 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent phone. With one of the biggest batteries with ever seen in a phone, and a marketing strategy targeting those with an active lifestyle, it appears as if the phone is designed to keep up with our busy lives.

Release Date: February 2018

Price: $229

Sony Xperia XA2
Image source: Sony Mobile

Sony Xperia XA2/XA2 Ultra/L2

The Sony Xperia line has been generally well-received as mid-range phones, and the company revealed three upcoming models at CES 2018. Ranging from The XA2 Ultra with more premium performance to the L2 designed the budget-conscious in mind, these phones should be solid performers and accessible to most anyone.

Release date: February 18 2018

Price: $350 (XA2), $450 (XA2 Ultra), $250 (L2)

Nuu G3
Image source: Nuu

Nuu G3

The Nuu G3’s appearance at CES 2018 is the latest in a line of unlocked smartphones designed by Nuu Mobile. With some pretty impressive specifications and even facial recognition for under $200, it’s definitely a phone to keep an eye on.

Release Date: Early February, pre-order now.

Price: $199.99

LG V30
Image source: LG

LG V30 Raspberry Rose Edition

LG has struggled recently with their mobile division. Despite innovating in other areas such as with the world’s first 8K TV and a more affordable 4K projector, they’ve seen low sales overall with a number of their smartphone lines. The LG V30 Raspberry Rose Edition announced at CES 2018 hopes to revitalize sales with a beautiful and vibrant new color variation.

Release Date: Will soon be available in South Korea, Asia, and parts of Europe; no current plans for a North American release

Price: $800 to $840

Vivo X20 Plus UD

Vivo X20 Plus UD

The Vivo X20 Plus UD is very similar to the already released Vivo X20 Plus model with one major difference: the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint scanner. This is a technology we haven’t seen much of thus far, and may be the alternative we need to avoid awkwardly placed rear scanners as screen sizes increase and bezels become non-existant.

Release Date: Early 2018

Price: TBA

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