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CES 2013 From The Business Owners Perspective

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CES 2013 From The Business Owners Perspective

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the much anticipated annual electronics extravaganza orchestrated by the Consumer Electronics Association, showcasing the latest technology and the future of robotics. While these advances in technology thrusts us into evolution, what does it actually mean for business owners? Will electronics really make our lives easier or replace the good old dependability of manual labor? Each year that passes, we experience more and more electronics, bigger and better gadgets to make our daily operations easier. Since the age of smart phones began, when was the last time you had to memorize a phone number? Similarly, since we entered the age of laptops and tablets, when was the last time you were unprepared for a meeting? Technology has both its advantages and disadvantages, but more so towards small business owners than most realize.

Top Reasons for Business Owners to Get Involved with CES

Staying ahead of the game is the most effective key to success. The same logic can be used with business owners attending the CES to get a projection of the future, thus determining the right strategy to withstand profit margins that may occur because of new technology. It can give business owners an outlook on competitor’s advancements, and a reliable idea of what to expect in market trends, advertising campaigns and production quality. Plus, who would want to miss the chance to experience the concepts of  new TV projection technology and of course, sound systems? If you don’t think that these facets of life affect your business, consider this – a business owner from Canada attended the CES when the 3D TV concept was unveiled. He immediately returned home to recalculate his marketing strategy to incorporate less banner and sidewalk advertising, in order to increase the video marketing and investment in 3D TV systems for storefront and offices to display commercials. He stated afterwards that in doing so he successfully increased both employee and client morale within the first week of display, as well as increased production tremendously. Higher production equates to higher sales – all due to modern technology.

If you think this type of technology is outrageous, wait until you see the smart phone and tablet concepts! These fun gadgets can help you improve your business tremendously, by giving you the ability to conduct all facets of your business wherever you are. Literally giving you a virtual office on a handheld device. While many fear that advancements such as these will   replace manual jobs and increase the unemployment rate, they can be vital to the success of small business owners. The advancements and opportunities showcased in the products unveiled at the CES enable small businesses to compete with Fortune 500 companies without hiring the same the manpower. This type of technology strengthens the independence and self-sufficiency of small businesses to survive on their own and remain private.

Learn, Grow and Go Green

Many small business owners also utilize the CES to trade, barter and recycle their electronics and hardware freely. Companies can gather together to organize trade posts where small business owners can swap parts, devices and such or just clear some storage space by donating them for recycling. Taking a day out to check out the CES  is definitely  a must-do, especially for small business owners.

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