‘Buy Now’ Button Seen On Twitter Inc [REPORT]

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Certain Tweets surfaced Monday on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) on a temporarily basis below the images of certain products that featured a ‘Buy now’ button, according to the report from Recode. Recode had captured the Tweets and they are no longer available in that form. Up till now, the micro blogging company has been making money with the help of advertising and sponsored Tweets, but now it appears that Twitter is looking towards adding a new source of revenue.

Many brands interested in Twitter

Fancy is a social media site with links that lead to retailers, and products from this site were showcased in a series of Tweets. The purchase button is no longer available and has been replaced with a “Get Fancy app” button. A number of social media sites wish to give a try to social shopping with Fancy being one of those.

Shoppers might not get attracted to text-friendly form of Twitter, but the brands interested in using this social media platform for sales are growing largely. Chirpify is one such startup that is making use of social media to reach out to customers and it makes use of several sites for running its shopping campaigns of which Twitter is one. Any buyer can buy a product by simply Tweeting a keyword associated with the product.

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is one big name that launched a shopping feature on Twitter, earlier this year. If a user wishes to buy any product from Amazon.com then all he or she is required to do is to respond to any tweet with an Amazon product link.

Examples to learn from

Previously, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) came up with ‘Facebook Gift,’ which failed ultimately. Through this the social networker made available an option of sending physical gifts to their friends on occasions such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries, festivals and so on through an online store. Another example is Polyvore that has been successful in designing a model for the sales of apparel that is focused on fashion and has a ‘Buy’ button attached to its user’s postings since very long.

Whether or not Twitter will have this purchase button a regular feature cannot be said with certainty. Twitter, recently, acquired a mobile advertising firm, which indicates that the company has plans of keeping advertising as the main revenue generator with other smaller sources being added from time to time.

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