Why You Should Buy The Google Pixel 2 Over iPhone X

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If you are looking to buy the Google Pixel 2, but wondering whether you should spend the extra $150 to get the iPhone X. Or, likewise, if you’re thinking of buying the iPhone X, but wondering if you could save $150 and get the Google Pixel 2 instead. Then you’re not alone. Lot’s of people are trying to decide whether they want the Google Pixel 2 over iPhone X.

We’ve done our research, and while the iPhone X is an incredible device, there are a huge number of reasons which favour the Google Pixel 2 over iPhone X. In-fact, the Google Pixel 2 comes with a lot of features that are no where to be seen in the iPhone X. So, lets take a look at what gives the Pixel 2 an edge over the iPhone x:

The Price

Let’s get this one out of the way first. You can get the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL cheaper than the iPhone X.

The iPhone X starts at $999, while you can get the Google Pixel 2 for $650 (that’s $350 cheaper!), and the XL version for $850, which is still $150 cheaper than the iPhone X’s starting price.

Fast Charging Included

Fast charging is a revelation, which lets you charge your battery for hours worth of use, with just a few minutes of charging time. It’s nothing new, it’s been around for a while. But, Apple have only just included it on the iPhone, with the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

While the iPhone X does have the ability to make use of this fast charging technology, you don’t actually get the fast charger with the device. You get a regular iPhone charger. If you want to use the fast charge feature, you’ll have to fork out on separate accessories to get it.

The Google Pixel 2 comes with a fast charger in the box, so while they are cheaper, they don’t require you to spend extra money to buy additional hardware to take advantage of core features.

Less Glass, Less Expensive Repairs

While a full glass front and back panel look wonderful, they are going to be expensive when the time comes to repair them. No matter how careful you are with your iPhone X, there’s going to come a time when you break the glass and need to have it repaired. If you don’t purchase Apple Care+ with your device, that’s going to set you back $280 to repair the iPhone X screen, and $550 for any other damage – which could include the glass back of your iPhone X. It’s easy to understand why the iPhone X has been touted as the most expensive iPhone to repair.

At the same time, it will only cost you $130 to have your Google Pixel 2’s screen repaired. To repair the back glass panel, $170. These prices are not exactly cheap, but they are certainly a lot cheaper then the Apple repairs on the iPhone X.

The Camera

The Google Pixel 2 camera is just as amazing, if not better than the iPhone X camera. There’s plenty of camera comparison articles out there where you can have a look at the same image taken on each device, and you’ll see that they are both among the best smartphone cameras on the market right now.

If you’re worried that you wont be able to get good enough shots on the Google Pixel 2, stop! You can get one of the best smartphone cameras in the world for $650, rather than the $999 iPhone X price!

Better Customization

Apple and iOS always limit the ways you can customize your device. Android doesn’t. Android lets you hide your apps away from the home screen, and if there are any apps which you want to keep on the home screen, you can leave them there and arrange them in any way you like. On the iPhone X, you can’t hide your apps as easily. Having that gorgeous edge-to-edge display, it would be nice if you could set a nice image there, rather than having your apps taking up all of the space.

There are tons of other ways that Android offers better customization than the iPhone X on iOS. If you care about being able to really customize your device, then the Google Pixel 2 is the smarter choice.

Google Assistant vs Siri

While Apple originally paved the way with the digital companion, Siri, they have been left behind. With other companies such as Google, Alexa, and Cortana, all outperforming Siri when it comes to answering questions correctly.

A study by Stone Temple found that Google Assistant answered 91% of questions correctly, and Siri? Just 62%!

Photo Storage

As you already know, both the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 have excellent cameras, and you’ll likely be snapping up hundreds of photos. But, these photos are high quality, and therefor, have quite large file-sizes. Your phones internal memory can fill up fast with photos, and while Apple does offer the cloud, it’s a paid service if you want to store a large number of files.

Google, on the other hand, is giving unlimited storage on Google Photos when you buy a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. Any and all of the photos you shoot on your Pixel device will be stored in their original full-size for free, for three years!


These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to choose the Google Pixel 2 over iPhone X, and they are big reasons. If you want better customization, a cheaper price, a better camera, a better digital assistant, unlimited storage for your photos, fast charging, and cheaper repairs. Then, the Google Pixel 2 is certainly the way to go!

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