Buttonless iPhone 7: This How It Will Look Like [PHOTO]

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Even though Apple released its last version of the iPhone just recently, smartphone enthusiasts continue to look for rumors and information regarding the next version.  The next iPhone 7 should have a different interface and screen, but these rumors are based off of patents filed by Apple recently. One such rumor was a buttonless design stemming from conversations with a well-known Apple analyst, Gene Munster.

Home buttonless iPhone 7

Munster suggests that the new iPhone 3D Touch technology completely eliminates the need for a Home button. The button could be moved to the sides of the phone, which would then allow a bigger screen for smartphone users. Since rumors of a Home buttonless iPhone 7 have circulated, designer Hasan Kaymak put together a proposed idea (see below).

Another rumor stems from a recent Apple patent, which highlights technology for a new headphone design. The headphone design is a more compact, space-saving connector. The patent suggests to iPhone analysts that Apple will again reduce the thickness of its iPhones. Compare the original iPhone to the latest one and one change pattern has always been a thinner smartphone with each version.

Apple usually offers two screen sizes with its smarphone release. It’s expected that the new iPhone will include 4.7” and 5.5” models. This completely eliminates the smaller screens, which seem to phase out as new devices are released. If they do include a smaller 4” screen, it could be called an “iPhone Mini” taking from Apple’s iPad naming scheme.

Another rumor surrounds storage space minimums. Apple offered a 16GB capacity in its last version, but iPhone 7 is expected to have a minimum of 32GB with additional 65GB and 128GB options.

Most enthusiasts hope that the pin connection doesn’t change again. One of the iPhone 5’s biggest complaints was that older cable connections no longer worked for older Apple devices. Another change in connection technology could be a hassle for users with various Apple hardware in their homes.

Apple is infamous for hiding specifications for its new devices until it’s fully designed. These rumors are guesses from previous Apple habits and analysts. The concepts are exciting if even some of them are true.

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