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Rocket Legs – Not Just A Sci-Fi Movie Anymore

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YouTuber, Allen Pan – Sufficiently Advanced, redid the rocket legs. Check out the video below.

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Rocket Legs
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Rocket Legs Redo (FINALLY)


Anime nerds it is my it's not actually it's done. We finished that old while ago I put rockets on my legs. I said if I if I hit 5000 comments I would redo the rocket legs. And honestly I was half joking because with this in perspective my four hammer video which has like 23 million views has just about 5000 comments and said you bags have over 7000 comments on that rock video. So I guess we're doing it. This really illustrates how much I love you guys the subscribers because did anything send me to jail. It's going to be those stupid right. So let's go ahead strap them back on. Head over to the same parking lot and redo this experiment the right way and hopefully nobody will call the cops. Oh too sweet sweet lady. Oh OK. So we're definitely not going back there. What we can do though is use the alleyway behind the apartment where I live. You know the place involve no parking signs and we are finally going to do this. Did you see that. Yeah right there. What happened was the rockets were not strapped on tight enough to my leg. So when they went off it was kind of like twisty thing and I ended up tripping over my own feet. So this is not a valid run. If you're curious though in this case the rocket run turned out to be point three seconds slower than the control room which still doesn't mean anything. This is this is useless but you know what. You can always just go back to the alleyway do this again.

Oh look it's fanmail attention tennants fireworks my rockets and pyrotechnics of any kind may not blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I should just move to Canada. In fact I might be doing collaboration in the future. Honestly though that probably has more to do with the Fourth of July coming up than it has to do with me with me. Thankfully a maker space called Hecht's lab up in Chatsworth Canada has said that I can do whatever stupid thing I want in their parking lot. So let's guy oh my teeth I think we're done. Take a look at this. Here it is. Here is our rocket Rick. This is the thing that was holding my rocket in place is now in 3-D. Very nice looking bird pieces. Didn't hurt me at all. My sins are my my welding sleeps there but didn't feel a thing. So this review exactly was supposed. Took the brunt of that explosion. Totally safe but don't try this at home kids. Yeah let's let's never do this again. So out of all our trials three valid controls two were just one rocket went off and one wrong were both rockets and fired the fastest time was when both rockets fired by about pointier two seconds. But that doesn't matter. Right. We know definitively absolutely forever and ever that running with rockets on your legs will make you faster.

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