Brevan Howard Senior Traders are Moving Back to London

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Brevan Howard Asset Management is moving back some of its senior traders from Geneva to London, according to the Financial Times.

The British hedge fund reversed its decision to leave the United Kingdom amid concerns that London’s status as Europes leading hub for the investment industry was at risk.

Brevan Howard Asset Management started briefing investors regarding the return of some of its senior fund managers in London, according to people familiar with the situation.

The British hedge fund’s decision came after several other hedge funds plan to launch or expand their business operation in the British capital. It is a sign that international investors remain attracted or continue to gravitate to London.

Brevan Howard co-founder remains in Geneva

Alan Howard, co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management remains in Geneva. He decided to move to Geneva in 2010. He made his decision after the European Union’s introduction of tighter regulations for hedge funds. More than 50% of his staff and most of his senior traders also transferred to Geneva within three years.

Michael Platt, co-founder and CEO of BlueCrest Capital also left London. The departure of the two hedge fund managers prompted some people in the industry that London would start to lose billionaire traders to the Cantons of Switzerland. Mr. Platt relocated to Jersey last year.

According to some hedge fund managers and investors, the low tax rates in failed to win over the traders’quality of life in Switzerland as many of them left their families behind in London.

“They think it will be fine leaving London, and that they can come back and visit all the time and that the family will adjust, according to an investor. He added the many of the traders got bored in Switzerland.

London’s hedge fund industry is growing

Steven Cohen, the chairman and CEO of Point72 Asset Management is considering a return London. Cohen closed his office in London after his previous hedge fund SAC Capital admitted committing insider trading in 2013.

Chris Rokos is in the process of launching one of the largest hedge funds in Europe since the financial crisis. He was a former star trader at Brevan Howard Asset Management. Rokos settled his dispute with Brevan Howard, which decided to take a financial interest in his new venture.

Data from HFR showed that 576 hedge funds launched in Europe last year. Most of the hedge funds were based in London.

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