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Are you a brand that’s looking to gain new followers and create a unique brand identity.

It is now possible for everyone because of a simple marketing tool called Instagram. Instagram has been a successful photo and video sharing platform that is helping millions of users to share their stories with the world. It also enables businesses in promoting themselves without having to spend a huge amount of money on marketing.

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Here are 20 tips from Market Inspector, that you can use to organically promote your brand on Instagram:


  1. Write a unique description of your brand in the bio section of your Instagram page. This is the first thing your users will read, and it should be able to attract the attention of your audience.

  2. Instagram allows you to place a link in the bio, so you can use that space to place a link to your website, thereby driving traffic to your website.

  3. Use hashtags that are popular in your niche that can help users find your brand easily, among the tonnes of brands on Instagram.

  4. Strategize your content campaigns in a way that you’re able to post high quality content on a regular basis.

  5. Reach out to the influencers on Instagram, this will help in gaining more exposure and bringing new followers.

  6. The most important aspect is to engage with your audience. Be responsive to the comments you receive and build trust among your followers.

  7. Schedule your posts in a way that gives maximum exposure. There are certain times in a day where you are more likely to receive a large amount of viewership.

  8. The stories feature of Instagram can be used to give a glimpse of your brand identity and how your business works.

  9. Most businesses that are active on Instagram, post at least once a day, if not more. This will keep your profile active.

  10. It’s important to align with your brand identity and understand your audience, so that you keep them loyal to your brand in the long term.

  11. There are multiple design tools out there that are completely free to use. Use them to create visually appealing content for your followers.

  12. Engage your followers and attract new followers by conducting photo contests and encouraging them to use your brand hashtags.

  13. It is good to use the filters provided by Instagram as long as they don’t disrupt the quality of your content, and are aligned with your brand identity.

  14. The image you give about your brand identity will depend on the type of content you post on your Instagram. Make sure it is aligned to your brand identity.

  15. Share your Instagram posts on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to gain more exposure.

  16. When you have a new product or service that you’re launching, give a sneak peak to your audience to keep them interested in what’s coming.

  17. It’s important to analyse your performance on Instagram as it helps in identifying the loopholes and improving them.

  18. In the long term it helps to building a loyal community of followers, that can act as your marketing strength.

  19. Be open to feedback when you receive negative feedback, and do respond to it.

  20. Create your own branded hashtags that people can use to find your brand identity easily.

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