BlackRock CEO Is Bullish on Bitcoin

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A quote from Alex Adelman, CEO and Co-founder of leading bitcoin rewards app, Lolli on Blackrock CEO Larry Fink’s recent bullish statements on bitcoin on Fox News in light of the firm’s bitcoin ETF filing. 

Larry Fink Is Bullish On Bitcoin

“BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s statement that bitcoin is an ‘international asset’ that can help give clients a better future signals a new chapter for bitcoin where it is embraced by the most established and trusted names in global finance. Bitcoin is entirely independent from any one currency or economy which makes it a uniquely attractive store of value, particularly under the conditions of geopolitical conflict and inflationary anxieties we are seeing now.

As the leading cryptocurrency with no ties or affiliation to any government, bitcoin occupies a singular role as a safe haven asset amid uncertain market conditions. Now more than ever, bitcoin is being recognized by financial leaders like BlackRock as a resilient, long-term store of value and a form of ‘digitized gold’ that can serve as a hedge against market downturns.

As global institutions continue to show their faith in bitcoin as a preferred store of value, we will see bitcoin rise to unprecedented levels of mainstream adoption and demand. Bitcoin ETF filings from global leaders like BlackRock and Fidelity will also continue to catalyze a race among other financial institutions to offer bitcoin-based financial products and meet rising client demand.”