BlackBerry Users Get Enhanced Security With LoginTC App

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BlackBerry is the most secure and trusted mobile platform by different enterprises and governments. In fact, President Barack Obama and other heads of states are using BlackBerry smartphones because its custom cryptography is hard to crack.  Its cryptography is NSA-proof because the agency failed to hack it.

BlackBerry recently announced its partnership with Hong Kong’s telecom service provider 1010 to offer its Enhanced Sim-Based Licensing (ESBL) to enterprise clients in the country.

LoginTC built for BlackBerry 10 devices to provide high-quality performance

Cyphercor, a smartphone-based two-factor authentication (2FA) provider launched LoginTC native app for the BlackBerry 10 operating system. The app is intended for BlackBerry users, who want to enhance their login security using two-factor authentication to protect their digital assets without sacrificing optimal experience.

LoginTC provides BlackBerry users with an affordable, simple, secure, scalable 2-factor protection for their online assets.

Cyphercor developed the app exclusively for the BlackBerry devices to offer high quality performance from stability to speed and resolution. The app supports BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Passport.

Cyphercor CEO Hernan Matute said, “Our goal is to deliver an exceptional and safe user experience that meets our clients’ needs, regardless of what mobile device they use – whether that’s an Apple iPhone, a Google-driven smartphone or desktop, a tablet or a BlackBerry.”

Matute added that the company’s goal “involves appealing to both administrator and end-user to work together to create the environment necessary for achieving maximal security.”

Language localization for BlackBerry devices

One of the interesting features of LoginTC for BlackBerry users is the language localization. The app is available in English and French, the official languages in Canada.

Cyphercor explained that LoginTC will detect automatically the language preference of the user based on the existing setting on his or her BlackBerry device.

According to the company, the launching of the app marks the beginning of the transition of LoginTC to user-empowered testing across all mobile platforms. The testing allows users (who are not administrators) to run diagnostics to ensure that the system is working properly from their device

“The marriage between user and administrator powered protection further solidifies the security of any establishment on two levels: individually and as a cohesive whole,” according to Cypercor.

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