BlackBerry Ltd QNX Making Strides At CES 2015

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Blackberry QNX seems to be dominating the buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015. A couple of days back, the Infotainment wing of BlackBerry announced that it has deployed its system in more than 50 million vehicles, and now, it has bagged several new deals during CES 2015.

BlackBerry QNX making life easier for drivers

One such deal came from iHeartRadio, which has announced a slew of automotive and In-Home Entertainment Integrations, one of which is with BlackBerry QNX. According to a press release from QNX software, it unveiled a technology concept car that is fitted with the iHeartRadio Drive Anywhere Radio.

Drivers can keep listening their favorite radio station even when they move beyond the signal range with the help of this software. When a car is integrated with the iHeartRadio station, the QNX-based Infotainment system will automatically switch to the digital iHeartRadio station allowing the driver to stay focused on the road.

Deals with LG, Volkswagen

Additionally, QNX software will also provide LG Electronics with software platforms for the next generation automotive systems. Both QNX and LG have been working on telematics programs for quite some time. However, under this particular deal, QNX will offer its CAR platform (Neutrino operating system and others) for infotainment to LG Electronics.

Won-Yong Hwang, Director and Head of AVN development department, LG Electronics’ VC Company, said that QNX Software has been a trusted supplier for over a decade, offering flexible software solutions that allow LG to offer millions of high-quality systems across the auto industry.

BlackBerry QNX Software Systems also announced a deal with Volkswagen to provide Infotainment systems. Recently, the popular infotainment system has been fitted into the 2015 models of Volkswagen Touareg, Passat, Polo, Golf, and Golf GTI models. Alf Pollex, Head of Connected Car and Infotainment, Volkswagen AG said, “At Volkswagen, we believe deeply in delivering the highest quality driving experience, regardless of the cost, size, and features of the vehicle.” Pollex added that the flexible architecture of QNX platform dovetails well with Volkswagen’s approach, allowing them to offer a full range of Infotainment systems, from premium level to mass volume.

Given everything it’s got going for it, it seems likely that BlackBerry QNX will sign few more deals at CES in the next few days.

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