BlackBerry QNX Was A Potential CIA Hacking Target: WikiLeaks

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BlackBerry might have lost out on the hardware front, but the same cannot be said for its software. BlackBerry’s QNX automotive system is running in over 60 million cars, which is quite an achievement. However, its popularity may also make it a target for hackers and security agencies.

CIA wanted to hack into QNX

According to the documents released by WikiLeaks, the QNX software was on the CIA’s potential hacking list. The organization’s Embedded Devices Branch has several potential mission areasm of which QNX was one, according to some CIA meeting notes.

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks posted about 8,761 documents. A few of the documents stated that in order to gain access to devices running on iOS and Android and Samsung smart TVs, some tools were developed by the same branch of the CIA. British spy agencies reportedly assisted them.

The meeting notes prepared on October 23, 2014 did mention QNX, saying the branch’s work hasn’t addressed the company yet. Whether or not the CIA ever made an attempt to hack into QNX is not mentioned clearly in the document, notes The Globe and Mail.

QNX is very important to BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s software unit is extremely proficient in making specialized working programs for industrial merchandise. There is a host of products ranging from anti-tank missiles to wind generators, but none is as important as the in-car infotainment programs.

After failing in smartphones, BlackBerry has shifted all its focus to software. According to Automotive News, the Canadian firm is promoting its in-car infotainment system as an ideal choice for the autonomous vehicles of the future.

In its days of glory, the company earned massive respect for offering the safest and most secure software. Hence, the firm is cashing on that image and positioning itself as the most secure platform at a time when hackers are always seeking ways to break into companies’ and governments’ confidential data.

After researchers were able to hack a Jeep, BlackBerry was quick to respond that its tech is completely safe. That hack forced Fiat Chrysler Cars NV to recall about 1.4 million automobiles and vans. However, if it is somehow found that the CIA (or any other hacker) found a way to get inside QNX, it could spell trouble for the Canadian firm.

On Wednesday, BlackBerry shares closed down 1.33% at $6.68.

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