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BlackBerry Priv And Possibly DTEK Won’t Get Android Nougat

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It’s been confirmed that the BlackBerry Priv smartphone will not be updated to Android Nougat. BlackBerry Mobile Solutions General Manager Alex Thurber told UTBblogs they decided not to update the smartphone due to the complex matrix of partners that must come together to work on the update.

DTEK phones may not get  Android Nougat either

The BlackBerry Priv smartphone might not be the only BlackBerry device that won’t be updated; the DTEK series may not get Android Nougat either. Although Thurber has not made an official statement on the DTEK series either way, the concerns seem genuine. BlackBerry feels that the DTEK phones were made to test the collaboration between BlackBerry and its manufacturing partner TCL. As they decided to continue together, the KEYone turned out to be nice product from the collaboration. Thus, the company now intends to give commercial concept phone status to the DTEK series.

However, the Priv, DTEK50 and DTEK60 will continue to receive Android security updates in the near future. In fact, just last week, the BlackBerry Priv smartphone received a security update with build number AAO484, which offers all the security features of the patch from Google. The only prerequisite for getting this over-the-air update is that the device’s battery should be 60% charged at the time it is downloaded.

Further, BlackBerry’s partners are doing their best to roll out the Android 8 Oreo update for the KEYone, but as of now, no timeline has been given. Android Oreo will give KEYone users better control over background activities. Further, the control feature will help with saving the battery, while the Autofill feature would remember the authentication details for the apps.

In addition, Android Oreo offers adaptive icons, more than 60 new emojis, notification dots, picture-in-picture mode for multi-tasking, Google Play Protect for the app environment, streamlined menus and so on.

BlackBerry seems to be satisfied with the response it is receiving from KEYone buyers. TCL has reiterated that the KEYone is a successful phone, and the supply is falling short in the wake of tremendous demand, notes AndroidCommunity. For now, the KEYone is available in 35 countries, and by the end of the year, the company plans to offer the phone in 50 countries.

New BlackBerry phone in the works

Amid all these updates and security patches for existing BlackBerry devices, rumors are abuzz that the company is looking to launch another new device next month. The new smartphone is expected to be an all-touchscreen device with a focus on enterprise customers.

A recent report from Engadget also stated something similar. According to the report, TCL’s François Mahieu said the new phone will stand up to the reputation of BlackBerry’s predecessors, like for rough handling and frequent travelers.

According to Mahieu, “The main feature, beyond the full-touchscreen, is the (planned) IP67 water and dust-proofing, as well as, a battery rated to last for more than 26 hours of mixed use.”

Mahieu also made a bold comment stating that once the new phone is launched in October, it will drive many to switch from their iPhones and Galaxies.

“We are there to play. We are just playing with different cards, mostly by pushing its strengths of battery life, security and durability,” he said.

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