BlackBerry Mercury Said To Be Coming To Verizon

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The BlackBerry Mercury, which has not yet been announced, will reportedly be available in the United States from Verizon. Well-known tipster Roland Quandt disclosed this information last week. However, Quandt did not mention the launch time frame or the price of the smartphone in his tweet.

Will the Mercury be BlackBerry’s last phone?

So far, there are reports that the Mercury will be BlackBerry’s last device, but Quandt revealed that the device is in fact built by TCL. The design, however, is reportedly from BlackBerry.

The upcoming Mercury phone is expected to feature a physical QWERTY keyboard, one of the most appealing features of BlackBerry phones. The smartphone is said to sport a curved display with a screen size of around 4.5 inches and powered by a Snapdragon 821 chipset. In addition, it is rumored that Canadian firm will pack a large battery that’s sufficient enough to get the device through two full days.

The Waterloo-based smartphone maker was pushed out of the phone business by more dynamic and innovative competitors like Samsung and Apple. Recently, the Canadian company declared that it was selling its smartphone business arm to TCL, which is the owner of the Alcatel brand.

But before that announcement, the Canadian firm was, according to the reports, working on a flagship handset which will take over from the DTEK 60 as the next-generation DTEK 70. That handset reportedly goes by the code-name of Mercury.

What to expect with the BlackBerry Mercury

The Mercury will probably be BlackBerry’s last phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, according to reports. Last week, GSM Arena showed what it said were renderings of the Mercury that surfaced online. The leaked images give consumers a glimpse of the handset and its QWERTY keyboard, which the Canadian firm put together to make it even more appealing to the public.

“Inline with what we’ve seen before, the new leaked images also reveal a physical QWERTY keyboard, a la original BlackBerry phones, but the location of front camera seems to be different – it’s on the right of the earpiece now. Plus, proximity and ambient light sensors are different as well,” says GSM Arena.

The smartphone comes with a small display, as the QWERTY keyboard occupies the space where the screen could have been. So it is expected that this new Blackberry phone will be a small-screen flagship. In addition, the smartphone uses a curved display or hyperbolic screen to enhance its appearance.

TCL, the company planning to make BlackBerry handsets in most markets around the world, is expected to disclose some new handsets next year. That will possible include some information about the new BlackBerry Mercury or DTEK70.

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