BlackBerry Ltd Rolls Out Marshmallow Update For Priv

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BlackBerry made the Android 6.0 Marshmallow system update available on Tuesday for all Priv users. With this, the Android-based handset has gained not just the latest build of Google’s mobile operating system but also a wide number of features, improvements and security tools.

BlackBerry makes keyboard more useful

BlackBerry did not have to spend much time preparing Marshmallow for the Priv. It began beta testing the software less than a month ago and just a week ago gave the codes to most beta testers. Apparently there were no major issues detected with the beta, so BlackBerry deemed it fit to be pushed out to all Priv owners.

“PRIV’s place as an early Marshmallow adopter, less than a month after we started beta testing it, makes perfect sense – we have been aggressive in rolling out Android security updates faster than most Android device manufacturers,” the Canadian firm said in a blog post.

With the update, the Priv’s two physical and touchscreen QWERTY keyboards are now capable of supporting more swiping gestures, and their ability to predict the next word based on where users place their fingers on the keys has improved as well. The keyboard now also has the ability of recognizing words that contain numbers, and the accuracy of the cursor has improved. The keyboard now also includes more than 200 new emojis as well.

Android 6.0 brings improved notifications to the Priv, and as expected, BlackBerry has given its own touch to it. For example, there is a new mute indicator that makes it possible for users to know at a glance whether their device is muted or not. Also more social media apps such as Instagram, Skype and Slack now have support on BlackBerry Hub.

Update to camera, security

With the update, the camera also becomes capable of capturing a wider array of frame rates. Videos will now have a movie-like look because of the new option for 24fps and slow motion capture at 120 frames per second. Due to functions such as Marshmallow’s Doze and App Standby, the Priv will enjoy longer battery life, said BlackBerry.

Using Marshmallow’s embedded storage feature, it is possible for Priv owners to permanently increase the storage capacity by installing and then encrypting a microSD memory card. Also there is a security measure that makes sure third parties are not able to gain access to the content on the memory card, even if it is removed and put into another device.

The Marshmallow update will first be available to the unlocked and non-carrier versions of the Priv sold through, and then on May 3, BlackBerry’s carrier partners will start offering Marshmallow.

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