BlackBerry Ltd Blend A ‘Productivity Life Saver’

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BlackBerry, in a blog post, explains how the Blend feature can be “Your Productivity Life Saver.” BlackBerry Blend is compatible with the company’s OS 10 and was first made available with the Passport.

BlackBerry Blend makes life easier

BlackBerry Blend can provide a user with access to the data stored on their Blackberry device, irrespective of the location of the phone, in real time. In addition, one can safely retrieve information from a company’s intranet without signing into the network, using a BlackBerry smartphone, provided the firm uses BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

“With BlackBerry Blend installed on your computer or tablet, you can spend less time scolding your child and more time getting important stuff done,” says the blog post.

Further, the Blend application can prove to be handy in a number of situations. For instance, suppose users need to email a person, using PC or a tablet, whose contact information is saved on their mobile phones. In this case, one can employ BlackBerry Blend to access the address book present on the phone and can send an email or a text message to the desired contact via their BlackBerry mobile device. Another situation in which Blend could come to one’s rescue is when a user is about to give a presentation but realizes that they forgot to transfer a file from their phone to their laptop or any other device. In such a scenario, a user can use the Blend software to display the presentation file on the device.

Blend ensures security while multitasking

With its Blend software, BlackBerry has shifted its focus from controlling mobile devices to ensuring secure delivery of information between devices. Moreover, the software is aimed at enhancing the productivity of workers by providing instant access to the files, BBMs, contacts, emails, calendars, etc. stored on their smartphones. In addition, Blend imparts the ability to transform mobile devices into potential network hubs, says the blog post.

Additionally, a given user can view and manage calendar entries and send files and folders across devices with the help of the Blend application. Also, coupled with BlackBerry Balance, the Blend software ensures that data remains safe when the phone is being used for other purposes such as playing games or watching videos.

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